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Alan Hommerding
Liturgy Publications Editor

Alan Hommerding is the Liturgy Publications Editor for our WLP Division. Alan has been with WLP since 1991, working with various liturgy and music products, in addition to having been the editor of AIM: Liturgy Resources magazine since 1993. Since holding his first paid/professional organist position at age 13, Alan has continued to serve the church through music ministry in various capacities. He is currently Director of Music at Edgebrook Community Church (UCC) in Chicago. Alan holds degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Music); St. Mary’s Seminary & University (Theology); and the University of Notre Dame (Music and Liturgy). In addition to his work with WLP, Alan is a widely-published author, composer, and hymn text poet. He has presented workshops on musical liturgy, as well as organ recitals, around the country.

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