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Keith S. Kalemba
Music Editor

Keith S. Kalemba is a music editor with GIA. Keith joined the editorial staff of World Library Publications in 2001 where he edited both choral and instrumental editions. In addition to his editorial responsibilities, he is on the music staff of St. John of the Cross in Western Springs, Illinois, and has served on the faculty of the Liturgical Music Institute in Huntington, New York. Keith is also a published composer and workshop presenter specializing in music theory and pastoral composition. Currently, he serves as the chapter director for NPM Chicago.

Keith earned both his Bachelor of Music in Composition and Master of Music in Composition from Temple University. He also studied audio engineering and computer music as a graduate fellow.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Keith enjoys lighthouses, salt air, and a good New York slice. He is the father of three and spends his free time bicycling, camping, researching his (and others) Polish ancestry, composing, and playing percussion in the local symphony orchestra.

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