April 2

Jesus Enters Jerusalem

Year 1  ( 2022 – 2023 )


Matthew 21:1-17


A rally ensues as Jesus enters Jerusalem. He goes to the Temple and overturns the tables of the moneychangers.

Prayer of Confession

 Holy One, you spread a table before us,
a table of generosity and justice,
a table overflowing with love,
a table of sustenance, healing, and hope,
a table to which you invite all your children.
We turn your table over,
turning it against you – and against ourselves.
We set up tables of greed and privilege,
tables of arrogance and pride,
where your abundance is just another commodity,
where your love is portioned and parceled out, where your justice is forgotten.
Forgive us.
Turn over the tables again, Holy One.
Invite us once more to your table of grace.

Congregational Song Suggestions

Come with Me into the Journey

by Chris Shelton

Available from Unbound at giamusic.com

God the Sculptor of the Mountains

GTG 5, VT 423

“I Love to Tell the Story”

Text: Chris Shelton

Tune: William G. Fischer

Available from Unbound at giamusic.com

“Heaven Shall Not Wait”

GTG 773

Hosanna, Loud Hosanna

GTG 197, VT 313

“Jesus Christ is Waiting”

VT 287

“Jesus Is Coming”

VT 312

“Lord Jesus, Come and Overturn”

VT 146

My Song is Love Unknown

ELW 343, GTG 209, VT 320

O Save Us, Lord! Hosanna!

by Chris Shelton

Available from Unbound at giamusic.com

Sanna, sannanina

South Africa

GTG 597, VT 79

What Sort of Welcome Is Fit for a King?

by Adam M. L. Tice

Available from Unbound at giamusic.com

Beyond the Hymnal

 “Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me ‘Round”

(Freedom song based on the Negro Spiritual “Don’t Let Nobody Turn You ‘Round”)