April 16

Great Commission

Year 1  ( 2022 – 2023 )


Matthew 28:16-20


Jesus tells them: “Go.”

Prayer of Confession

Sending God,
You called Noah to brave the rising waters.
You called Abraham and Sarah to leave everything behind.
You called Moses to lead the people into freedom.
You called Esther to use her privilege for others.
You called the prophets to speak truth to power.
You called the disciples to follow Jesus’ Way of life,
and now you call to us—
now you send us out to live as your people
in the time we have been given.
Forgive us when we linger in our comforts.
Forgive us when we doubt the difference we can make.
Forgive us, as you forgave our ancestors when they fell short.
Renew and reinvigorate us to your calling.
Help us to go into the world, that the Story may go on.

Congregational Song Suggestions

Arise! Arise, O People of God

Tune: Marty Haugen

Text: Chris Shelton

Available from Unbound at giamusic.com

At the Table, All Are Equal

Text: David Bjorlin

Tune: Benjamin Brody

Available from Unbound at giamusic.com

“Christ For the World We Sing”

Text: Samuel Wolcott , Alan J. Hommerding

Tune: Jonathan Kohrs

Available from Unbound at giamusic.com

“Dare to Live the Dream God Gives You”

Text: David Bjorlin

Tune: William Moore

Arrangement: Charles R. Anders

Available from Unbound at giamusic.com

Go in Grace and Make Disciples

GTG 296, VT 766

“Go to the World!”


GTG 295, OLOFOB 566

“Go to the World!”


Text: Sylvia Dunstan

Tune: Benjamin Brody

Available from Unbound at giamusic.com

“God of Justice”

VT 772

God is There

Text: Chris Shelton

Tune: Cyril V. Taylor

Available from Unbound at giamusic.com

“How Many Times We Start Again”

VT 553

“Lord, You Give the Great Commission”

ELW 579, GTG 298, VT 774

Neno lake Mungu/Listen, God is Calling


ELW 513, GTG 456, OLOFOB 461, VT 765

“The Church of Christ in Every Age”

ELW 729, GTG 320, VT 395

“Use Us, God”

VT 811

Will You Come and Follow Me (The Summons)

ELW 798, GTG 726, VT 540

Beyond the Hymnal

 “Everybody Says Don’t”

from the musical Anyone Can Whistle by Stephen Sondheim

 “Louder Than Words”

from the musical Tick, Tick, Boom!, by Jonathan Larson