I often post a clip of a psalm setting we’ve done over the past weekend so you can hear the overall song as well as the overall arrangement.  This week, I’m going to do that again, but also include a new setting for this upcoming week: The Lord Comes to Rule the Earth with Justice.

The Lord Come to Rule the Earth with Justice: NEW Psalm for this Sunday:

The way I plan to play this is as follows: 

   1. Make up an intro by playing the Refrain through one time, just piano and/or guitar.  If I have a flute (or other solo inst), ask them to play only on the 2nd half of the Refrain during the intro. (melody)
   2. Soloist/cantor will intone the refrain…no solo instruments, still just piano and/or guitar.
   3. Bring in the choir in unison on the repeat of the refrain (with the assembly, of course). Add bass guitar…it supports the assembly when they enter…sounds ‘full.’  No drums, yet.
   4. Verse 1 would be sung by a soloist or cantor. Add light percussion/drumset.
   5. Add harmonies on the Refrain, all voices. Add synth if applicable (strings/pad)
   6. Verse 2 would be arranged just like Verse 1. Perhaps bring in choir on “the mountains shout with them for joy.”
   7. Refrain as before.
   8. Verse 3 could be a duet…two female voices at pitch, or a male voice on the melody and a female voice on the alto.  OR…the choir could sing it…everyone on melody except altos.  Change up the feel of the percussion/groove for this verse.  Perhaps synth/strings could play out more on this verse.  If I know I’m going to have a trumpet, I would definitely add it on this verse.
   9. Refrain as before.

After Sunday I will post how we ended up playing it!

I Will Praise Your Name

Also, here is a sample of a newer setting I’ve written of “I Will Praise Your Name.” Hopefully, you can hear in the recording that it’s really based around the assembly singing that Refrain.  I wanted something the assembly could sing easily and comfortably…and prayerfully.  The chords change underneath to help it build, but the melody stays the same.
Also, notice how the music begins quietly/prayerfully coming after the first reading…THAT IS SO IMPORTANT.  Don’t break the silence with a loud chord, or a drum fill.  Ease into the music. Your assembly will thank you!
Listen to what the drummer does on this recording.  Notice when the bass guitar comes in.  Listen to the other vocalists.  The music builds…everyone is not ‘in’ right from the top.

Another interesting note about this particular setting is that the verses are musically louder and stronger than the Refrain.

I welcome your comments.