Choral Music Suggestions for the Second Sunday of Advent (A)

A Selection of Choral Music Suggestions

from the GIA and WLP Catalogs

Second Sunday of Advent, Year A

In the Days to Come By Marty Haugen. SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly; Keyboard; Guitar. (G-7105)
Lions and Oxen Will Feed in the Hay By Michael Connolly. Text by Thomas Troeger. SATB; Piano. (G-5378)
Every Nation on Earth By Michael Mahler. SAB; Cantor; Assembly; Keyboard; B-flat Instrument I; B-flat Instrument II; B-flat Instrument III; Guitar. (G-6047)
Rhythm and Rhyme Text by Timothy Valentine; Thomas Catania. arr. Peter Valentine. SATB; Solo; Assembly; Piano; Flute I; Flute II; Recorder I; Recorder II; Pennywhistle I; Pennywhistle II; Violin I; Violin II; Glockenspiel; Guitar. (G-6107)
On That Day  By Kate Cuddy. arr. Gary Daigle. SATB; Solo; Assembly; Piano; Guitar. (G-5614)
On Jordan’s Bank – WINCHESTER NEW – Text by Charles Coffin. arr. Michael Connolly.SATB; Keyboard; . (G-5376)
Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming – ES IS EIN’ ROS’ ENTSPRUNGEN  By Michael Praetorius. arr. Michael Connolly.SAB; Reduction; . (G-5375)
Awake, O Sleeper – By Francis Patrick O’Brien. SATB; Cantor; Assembly; Keyboard; Flute; Trumpet in B-flat; Trumpet in C . (G-5458)
The Wilderness Awaits You – By Rory Cooney. SAB; Assembly; Keyboard; Flute; Oboe; Cello; Guitar. (G-7120)
People, Look East – BESANÇON CAROL arr. James Clemens. SATB a cappella. (008752)
Justice Shall Grow and FlourishJustus ut Palma Florebit  By Richard Proulx. Unison choir; Organ. (009608)
Two Songs for AdventWait for the Lord / Prepare the Way of the Lord   By Jacques Berthier. SATB; Cantor; Keyboard; Recorder I; Recorder II; Flute I; Flute II; Oboe; Clarinet in B-flat. (G-5577)
Who Will Stand Up By Scott Soper. Two-part mixed; Cantor; Assembly; Keyboard. (G-4626)
Song of the Baptist – HEMENWAY – Text by Francis O’Brien. SAB; Oboe; Cello; Harp. (G-5917)
A Voice Proclaims – BAXTER –  By John Bell. SATB; Solo; Assembly; Keyboard; Clarinet in B-flat; Soprano Saxophone. (G-5499)
A Voice in the Desert By Ronald Nelson. SAB; Keyboard. (G-5742)
We Will Rejoice! By Roy Hopp. Text by Sylvia Dunstan. SATB; Adults with children; Reduction. (G-6356)
Sing and Rejoice By Sam Owens. Text by Michael Forster. Unison; Organ; Handbells. (G-5529)
Carol of the Garden  By Roy Hopp. Text by Mary Bringle. SATB; Keyboard; Flute. (G-9505)
Prepare the Way for the Coming of the Lord By Jalonda Robertson. SATB; Keyboard. (001204)
Three Rounds for Advent / ChristmasMake Ready the Way of the Lord; Make His Way Ready; Come into Our Lives   By Paul Inwood. Unison choir; opt. descant; assembly; Keyboard. (005794)
The Prophet John By Bob Moore. Text by Richard Leach. Unison Choir; Descant; Keyboard. (005933)
Rise Up My People  By John Angotti. arr. Paul Tate. SATB; solo; assembly; Keyboard; . (007361)
Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord  By Kenneth Louis. SATB; Cantor; Assembly; Keyboard. (001238)
Comfort, My People By Ian Callanan. Two-part equal; Two-part mixed; Cantor; Solo; Assembly; Keyboard; Cello; Guitar. (G-6791)
On Jordan’s Bank the Baptist’s Cry By Claudio Monteverdi. SAB; Organ; C Instrument I; C Instrument II; . (G-2834)
The Advent Herald By Rory Cooney. Text by Brian Wren. SAB; Assembly; Keyboard; Flute; Oboe. (G-4972)


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