Choral Music Suggestions for the Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

A Selection of Choral Music Suggestions 

from the GIA and WLP Catalogs

Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Healer of Our Every Ill – By Marty Haugen. Two-part equal; Two-part mixed; Assembly; Keyboard; C Instrument (G-3478)

Stop By, Lord – By Doris Bettis. Text by Doris Wesley Bettis. SATB; Piano (G-5595)

We Cannot Measure How You Heal – YE BANKS AND BRAES – Text by John L. Bell. arr. Malcolm Archer. Unison; SATB; Organ; C Instrument (G-6128)

Fresh as the Morning – By Tony Alonso. Text by Shirley Erena Murray. SATB; Assembly; Keyboard C Instrument I, C Instrument II (G-5602)

May God Show Us Kindness – By James Chepponis. SATB; Organ (G-2994)

May God Bless Us – By Paul Gibson. SATB (G-3358)

Let All the Peoples Praise You – By Carl Johengen. SAB; Cantor; Assembly; Keyboard, Organ (G-3997)

Let Nations Sing Your Praise – By James Chepponis. SATB; Cantor; Assembly; Keyboard; C Instrument, B-flat Instrument, Handbells (G-4226)

Faith, While Trees Are Still in Blossom – By Kathy Powell. Text by Fred Kaan. SAB; Keyboard; C Instrument I, C Instrument II (G-4441)

O God, Whose Healing Power – HEALING POWER – By Randall Sensmeier. Text by Herman G. Stuempfle, Jr.. Two-part mixed; Keyboard (G-4739)

To God, in Whom I Trust – GOLDEN HILL – Text by Isaac Watts. arr. Alice Parker. SATB (G-5085)

The Lord Will Heal the Broken Heart – Text by Liam Lawton. arr. John McCann. SATB; Cantor; Assembly; Keyboard; Flute (G-5296)

The Lord Be Gracious unto Us – By Joel VanderZee. SATB; Piano; (G-7259)

The Sixty-Seventh Psalm – By Carl Haywood. SATB (G-7384)

Look Kindly Now, O God, Our Shield / Mira a Tu Ungido, Tierno DiosIntroit for Ordination, Dedication of a Church, 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time SHANTI – By Marty Haugen; Lynn Trapp. Text by Delores Dufner. SATB; Cantor; Assembly; Organ Trumpet I in B-flat, Trumpet I in C, Trumpet II in B-flat, Trumpet II in C, Trombone I, Trombone II, Timpani (G-7418)

Miracle Worker – By Lyle Neff. SATB; Solos (G-7453)

Sine paenitentia – By Cortlandt Matthews. SATB divisi; Soprano Solo; Tenor Solo (G-8815)

A House of Prayer – By Tony Alonso. SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly; Keyboard Flute, Oboe, Cello, Guitar (G-8902)