Choral Music Suggestions for the Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

A Selection of Choral Music Suggestions 

from the GIA and WLP Catalogs

Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

In the Arms of God – By Tony Alonso. SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly; Keyboard; Flute, Cello, Guitar (G-7585)

Lost and AfraidCalling Me Home RAINSTAR – By Sally Morris. Text by Adam M. L. Tice. SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly; Piano; C Instrument; Guitar (G-8595)

Come unto Me, Ye Weary – NYLAND – Text by William C. Dix. arr. Walter Ehret. SATB; Keyboard (G-5122)

Come to Me, O Weary Traveler – By Bob Moore. Text by Sylvia Dunstan. Unison; SATB; Assembly; Keyboard; C Instrument; Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello, Bass (G-3860)

Jesus Christ the Apple Tree – By Derek Holman. Unison; Organ (G-5994)

Rest Now in Me – By Paul Tate. Two-part mixed; Cantor; Solo; Assembly; Keyboard,Piano; Violin; Guitar (G-6293)

I Would See Jesus – By L. P. Breedlove. arr. Kenneth Lowenberg. Two-part mixed; Piano (G-6424)

Take and Eat, This Is My Body – By Ian Callanan. SATB; Cantors; Solos; Assembly; Keyboard; C Instrument, B-flat Instrument; Guitar (G-6792)

All Generations Will Praise Your Name – By Chris de Silva. SATB; Cantor; Solo; Assembly; Piano; Clarinet in B-flat, Cello, Guitar (G-7171)

I Heard the Voice – By Robert Wooten. Text by Horatius Bonar. SATB; Piano (G-7396)

O Christ, Your Heart, Compassionate – Concertato on ELLACOMBE – Text by Herman G. Stuempfle, Jr.. arr. Stephen Folkemer. SATB; Assembly; Organ; Trumpet in B-flat, Trumpet in C (G-7249)

Come to Me – By Liam Lawton. arr. Paul A. Tate. SATB; Solo; Assembly; Keyboard; C Instrument, Guitar (G-7562)

Come to Me and Rest – By Chris de Silva. Two-part equal; Solo; Assembly; Keyboard; Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello, Guitar (G-7611)

Count It All Joy – By Margaret Douroux. Text by Margaret P. Douroux. SATB; Keyboard (G-7761)