Choral Music Suggestions the 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

A Selection of Choral Music Suggestions 

from the GIA and WLP Catalogs

3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time

Dwell in the House – By Gale Murphy. SATB; Piano. (G-6907)

The Summons – Will You Come and Follow Me – KELVINGROVE – Text by Graham Maule. arr. John L. Bell. Two-part equal; Assembly; Keyboard; Flute; Guitar. (G-5410)

The Lord Is My Light and My Salvation – By Rob Galea; Peter DeMarco. SATB; Cantor; Assembly; Keyboard; Guitar. (G-10466)

The Peace of God – By Russell Schulz-Widmar. SATB; Keyboard; Cello. (G-7395)

A Touching Place – By John Bell. SATB; Assembly; Reduction. (G-4377)

The Lord Is My Light / El Señor Es Mi Luz – By Carol Browning. SAB; Cantor; Assembly; Keyboard; Violin. (G-7256)

Belong – By Chris de Silva. Three-part equal; Assembly; Keyboard; Violin I; Violin II; Viola; Cello; Guitar. (G-7576)

The Summons – KELVINGROVE; macpherson’s lament – Text by John L. Bell. arr. Sondra K. Tucker. SATB; Piano; Violin. (G-7111)

You Are the Light – Let Your Light Shine By Ed Bolduc. Three-part equal; Cantor; Solo; Assembly; Keyboard. (001261)

Come and Follow Me – By Tom Franzak. arr. Gerard Chiusano. Unison; Cantor; Assembly; Keyboard; Guitar. (g-5662)

come follow me forever – ZUM SANCTUS – by johann michael haydn. Text by Patrick Liebergen. arr. Patrick Liebergen. Two-part equal; Two-part mixed; Keyboard; . (G-5387)

When Moses Tended Jethro’s Sheep / We Marvel at the Words, O Christ – KINGSFOLD – Text by Herman G. Stuempfle, Jr.. arr. Karl E. Moyer. SATB; Organ; . (G-5567)

Wisdom Is Calling – A Processional Psalm By J. Michael Joncas. SATB; Assembly; Organ; Trumpet I in B-flat; Trumpet I in C; Trumpet II in B-flat; Trumpet II in C; Horn in F; Trombone I; Trombone II; Percussion; Organ . (G-4881)

One Thing I Ask of the Lord – By Glenn Rudolph. SATB; Organ; . (G-4103)

To Be Fishers of Women and Men – Text by Kathy Powell. SATB; Assembly; Keyboard; Flute; . (G-4486)

I Know the Lord – arr. Alice Parker. Satb; solo; reduction; . (g-4229)

Come Follow Me – MACHS MIT MIR GOTT – by Bartholomaeus Gesius. arr. John Leavitt. SAB; C Instrument; Oboe. (G-3028)


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