December 11

Light to the Nations

Year 1  ( 2022 – 2023 )


Isaiah 42:1-9


God’s servant will bring forth justice, never breaking so much as a reed. God will bring light to the nations, vision to the visionless, freedom to the captives.

Prayer of Confession

Radiant God,
You spoke the world into being –
forgive us when we claim it as ours, not yours.
You give life and breath to all people –
forgive us when we fail to see your image in every person.
You have called us to be people of justice –
forgive us when choose the ways of greed, hatred, and cruelty.
You have set us to bring your Light into the world –
forgive us when we linger in the shadows.
You have promised that a new day will dawn.
Let your Light shine upon us and through us,
that we may bear your radiant hope into the world.

Congregational Song Suggestions

Awake! Awake and Great the New Morn

ELW 242, GTG 107

Comfort, Comfort Now My People

ELW 256, GTG 87, VT 212

Enviados somos de Dios (We Have Been Sent by God)

ELW 538, GTG 747, SSS 718, VT 771

Light is Kindled in the Darkness (SOREN ATLAS)

Text: David Bjorlin

Tune: Benjamin Brody

Available from Unbound at

“Light is Kindled in the Darkness (MACKILLOP)

Text: David Bjorlin

Tune: Kate Williams

Available from Unbound at

“O God Who Gives Us Life”

GTG 53

“O Come, O Come Emmanuel”

O Antiphon for the day: O come, thou Dayspring…

ELW 257, GTG 88, VT 210

“The People Who Walk in Darkness”

GTG 86

The Prophets Caught a Vision

David Bjorlin

Available from Unbound at

To You Who Bow

Rory Cooney

Available from Unbound at

Beyond the Hymnal

 “There’s a Light”

by Beth Nielsen Chapman (as recorded by Emmylou Harris)


from the musical Next to Normal, by Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey