Cliff Petty’s ‘Let All the Nations Praise You’ is a great choice for this coming Sunday. It was recorded on the CD Touch Jesus, with which I was fortunate enough to have been involved. I remember thinking ‘I can’t wait to use this song…the assembly is going to really sing it out and pray it!’

Tempo is going to be very important with this song.  The recording takes it’s time, and it’s wonderful, but I know we will be picking up the tempo a little bit at Mass this weekend.  (I’ll post a recording after this coming Sunday.) Find a tempo that’s right for you.  Base it on the refrain, then go from there.  But…be careful not to go too fast so that the song loses all feel!

When Cliff sings and records he gifts us with some amazing improvisational skills in the verses.  Work with your cantor to adjust any notes that might be too high, especially at the ends of the verses.

The printed version of the octavo can be found here: octavo (print version)

The Click and Print version of the octavo can be found here: octavo (click and print)

The recording Touch Jesus can be found here: Touch Jesus