February 5

Sermon on the Mount III

Year 1  ( 2022 – 2023 )


Matthew 7:1-14, 24-29


Jesus teaches: do not judge; ask, seek, knock; do unto others; narrow gate; a wise person builds upon the rock.


I walk with doubt beside me;
we seek the way of truth.
I trust in doubt to guide me,
my faithful friend since youth.
Doubt teaches me through questions
that help me learn and grow,
and prods me with suggestions
of all I do not know.

I walk with truth beside me;
truth has no fear of doubt.
When falsehood would misguide me,
truth sings to drown it out.
But, truth is more than answers—
some prize I can achieve.
No, truth and doubt are dancers;
they lead me to believe.

And so, we move together
with Jesus at our side;
his kindness is our tether,
his justice is our guide.
By asking, seeking, knocking,
we find we are set free.
For faith is shaped by walking
a road we cannot see.

 (Text: Chris Shelton, © 2021 GIA Publications, Inc., Tune suggestion: SALLEY GARDENS)

Congregational Song Suggestions

Do Not Judge (Seeing the “log” in my own eye):

As Long As Our Table

by Adam M. L. Tice

Available from Unbound at giamusic.com

I Am Not Forgotten

by Chris Shelton

Available from Unbound at giamusic.com

“Together (I will sing with you)”

VT 389

Ask, Seek, Knock:

“Ask the Complicated Questions”

VT 440

God, Whose Giving Knows No Ending

ELW 678, GTG 716, OLOFOB 182, VT 745

“Jesus, Thy Boundless Love to Me”

GTG 703

Building on the Rock:

How Firm a Foundation

ELW 796, GTG 463, VT 592

“Kwake Yesu nasimama (Here on Christ the Rock I Will Stand)”

Kenya – VT 159

Let Us Build a House

GTG 301, VT 36

Like a Rock

VT 63

My Hope is Built (On Christ, the Solid Rock, I Stand)

GTG 353, VT 621

The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock

Traditional children’s song

Beyond the Hymnal

 “Through Heaven’s Eyes”

from the musical/movie The Prince of Egypt, by Stephen Schwartz