Fourth Sunday of Lent

Year B / Sunday, March 14, 2021

This Sunday’s Readings:

     2 Chronicles 36:14–16, 19–23 

     Psalm 137:1–2, 3, 4–5, 6 

     Ephesians 2:4–10 

     John 3:14–21 

FROM THE BEGINNING OF THIS LENTEN CYCLE OF READINGS, we have heard a consistent message: faith in Jesus will convict us. Set against the Gospels we have heard this Lent, faith can no longer be approached as an individual endeavor, practiced without sacrifice, reduced to following the law, or domesticated into a slogan—John 3:16. That often-cited comforting verse must be read in the stark light of verse 19: “And this is the verdict, that the light came into the world, but people preferred darkness to light, because their works were evil.” 

God’s gratuitous gift of the Son cannot be passively received without the return gift of a life convicted to the Light and everything that the Light came to dispel. Thus, one cannot profess faith in Christ without taking a stand for justice, without siding with the powerless, without putting one’s reputation and life on the line for those who live under the constant threat of death. For faith is not a neutral act. To receive the gift of Light in Christ without acting as people of light is to pollute the Lord’s temple. It is, as the psalmist sings, to forget the Lord. Therefore, let our tongues be silenced, our harps put away, and our lands laid waste until we remember the demands of faith in Christ. 

—Diana Macalintal 

Suggested Music

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MYSTAGOGY MOMENT: “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us…”

When many of us hear this phrase, we think of the birth of Jesus at Christmas. But here we are in Lent hearing these words. Remember that baby who came into the word? The infant lying in a manger? He is going to be crucified on a cross to save us, but not before he experiences every aspect of human life, the good and the bad, just like what we experience in our earthly lives. He became one of us. From birth to death. From the cradle to the cross.

– Victoria Zibell

Let My Tongue Be Silent

Jeanne Cotter

G-8888 · SAB, cantor, assembly, keyboard, guitar

If you’re not accustomed to singing psalms apart from your hymnal’s lectionary psalter, this is the psalm setting to break that trend!

For God So Loved the World

Marty Haugen

G-6726 · SATB, cantor, piano, guitar, opt. assembly, 2 C instruments, string quartet

God So Loved the World

Noël Goemanne

G-7824 · SAB, organ

This setting is one of our all time best selling octavos.

More suggestions for the Fourth Sunday of Lent…


For God So Loved the World • Donald Busarow

SATB, organ


God’s Love for Us • Ephrem Feeley

SAB, cantor, assembly, piano, cello


God So Loved the World • Edward Eicker

SATB, solo


God So Loved the World • Arr. Austin Lovelace

SATB, keyboard


By the Waters of Babylon • David Buley



Let My Tongue Be Silenced: Psalm 137 • Mike Hay

Cantor, assembly, keyboard


God Is Love • Eugene E. Englert

SATB, cantor, piano, keyboard, guitar, C instrument


Lux Mundi • Trevor Thomson

SATB, cantor, assembly, piano, guitar


We Breathe in Love  • Craig Colson

SATB, assembly, cantor, keyboard, guitar 


Beside the Streams of Babylon • Carl P.Daw, Jr./Paul Lisicky

SATB, keyboard, guitar 


Si No Me Acuerdo de Ti  • Eleazar Cortés, arr. Peter Kolar

SATB, cantor, keyboard, guitar, flute