Often times I’ve shared on this blog how I (we) seldom do songs as they are recorded in a worship setting, especially at a Mass. Usually, we modify the flow or ‘map’ of the song to fit the needs of the liturgical moment, ignoring repeats, interludes, etc.  Sometimes we might even add a repeat. It usually takes a little bit of time before everyone gets used to this idea, but once they do, it’s easy going!

In keeping with this subject, this past week one of our drummers shared a blog he was reading with the other drummers in our music ministry, and me.  It’s really good.  Check it out and share it with your musicians.

PART 1 ROLLING WITH THE CHANGES from Bang Bang Drum Shop Blog

I love how he talks about focusing on the ‘parts’ or ‘sections’ of the song, instead of the song as a whole.  Good advice!