Here is another example of our C Instrument parts for the VOICES hymnal!  

The Instrument books for the VOICES collection contain parts for every title in the collection! Here on Setting the Tone we are going to feature a new song every week so you can hear just what these parts sound like. For each title I have played the piano part directly out of the VOICES Keyboard Edition note for note (I hope!) You will hear both C instrument parts played along with the keyboard part as they appear in the book. (via Finale) I hope you will find this useful and helpful as you plan your instrumentation.

These parts are simply labeled “C.” I have chosen a flute for C1 and an oboe for C2. Use whatever you want! You can even have two keyboardists play them to involve more players. Along with the B-flat and Sax & Brass books, there’s a lot to do!

Keep in mind that you do not have to play every measure of these parts as though they were a solo instrument piece.  These are meant to enhance what you already have.  Leave out sections if you wish; play only C1 or C2, or switch between the two if you only have one player.  Make them work for YOUR situation.

This week’s featured song is Living Bread by Lori and Adam Ubowski, and Sarah Hart

This song can be used many times throughout the Liturgical year especially as a Communion song.


The VOICES recording of this song: Living Bread by Lori and Adam Ubowski, and Sarah Hart

Piano and C Instrument Recording:

(This recording uses the 4th ending of the verse, and the 3rd ending after the Refrain.)

C Instrument Sample Pages: