The C Instrument books for the VOICES collection contain parts for every title in the collection! Here on Setting the Tone we are going to feature a new song every week so you can hear just what these parts sound like. For each title I have played the piano part directly out of the VOICES Keyboard Edition note for note (I hope!) You will hear both C instrument parts played along with the keyboard part as they appear in the book. (via Finale) I hope you will find this useful and helpful as you plan your instrumentation.

These parts are simply labeled “C.” I have chosen a flute for C1 and an oboe for C2. Use whatever you want! You can even have two keyboardists play them to involve more players. Along with the B-flat and Sax & Brass books, there’s a lot to do!

This week’s featured song is BECAUSE HE LIVES (AMEN) by Maher/Gaither/Carson/Tomlin/Cash/Ingram. This song can be used several times throughout the Easter Season. I like to use it as a Song of Preparation or as a song of praise after Communion.


The VOICES recording of this song: Because He Lives (Amen)

Piano and C Instrument Recording:

Because He Lives (Amen) – piano and C instrument

C Instrument Sample Pages: