October 23, 2022

He Saw Her Bathing on the Roof…

Year 1  ( 2022 – 2023 )


2 Samuel 11:1-5, 26-27; 12:1-9; Psalm 51:1-9


The story of David and Bathsheba, along with Nathan’s indicting parable. David’s psalm of repentance.

Children’s Prayer

(This prayer, based on Psalm 51, may be framed with “Create in Me a Clean Heart, O God” (GTG 423). The congregation sings verses 1 and 2. The accompaniment may continue as an underscore to the prayer. After the spoken prayer, the congregation sings verse 3.)


Have mercy on us, O God, 

according to your steadfast love. 

Wipe away all wrongdoing, 

according to your great compassion. 

Wash away all guilt and purify us from our sin. 

You long for truth, 

even in the most hidden places. 

You teach us wisdom in the secret corners of our hearts. 

Let us hear joy and celebration again…

let there be rejoicing in our very bones. 

Create new hearts within us. 

Grant us renewed, faithful spirits. 

Let your Spirit be with us now, 

and forever more.

Congregational Song Suggestions

“Come Now, O God”

VT 143

“Create in Me a Clean Heart”

GTG 422

“Create in Me a Clean Heart, O God”

GTG 423

“Free Us, God, from Past Mistakes”

David Bjorlin

Available from Protest of Praise at giamusic.com

“Have Mercy, God, upon My Life”

GTG 421

“I Come to You, My Steadfast God”

Jacque Jones

Available from Unbound at giamusic.com

“Lord, Have Mercy*”

Mary Louise Bringle

Available from Joy and Wonder, Love and Longing at giamusic.com

(*Note: This hymn sets portions of 4 psalms. A liturgist seeking to make space not only for David’s repentance, but also for Bathsheba’s suffering, might consider the first two stanzas of this text in the voice of Bathsheba – sorrowful at the way she has been abused. The final two stanzas, which include Ps. 51, could take the penitential voice of David.)

Beyond the Hymnal


Leonard Cohen