Palm Sunday

Year B Sunday, March 28, 2021

This Sunday’s Readings: 

Mark 11:1–10 or John 12:12–16 

Isaiah 50:4–7 

Psalm 22:8–9, 17–18, 19–20, 23–24 (Rx 2a) 

Philippians 2:6–11 

Mark 14:1–15:47 or 15:1–39 


Suggested Music


Paul M. French

G-5686 · Unison or two or three equal or mixed voices, keyboard


Francis Patrick O’Brien

G-5455 · SAB, assembly, keyboard, guitar

Adoramus Te

Michael Joncas

G-4884 · SAB, organ

Defenseless Now He Hangs

Bob Moore, Text by Herman G. Stuempfle, Jr.

G-10018 · SATB, piano

“Thus love has ever been; thus love will ever be – such love that formed the suns and stars, yet dies upon a tree.”
Love comes in many forms. Love of God. Love of Family. Love of Neighbor. But the love of God surpasses all bounds. In Hebrew, the word used for this kind of love is hesed. This type of love is unending, unbreakable and unlimited. God will love us no matter what. How can we show God our unending love? Who do we extend this type of hesed love to in our lives?

– Victoria Zibell

What Wondrous Love Is This

Arr. Robert Hunt

G-9195 · SAB, organ, 4 handbells

More suggestions for Palm Sunday…

A Purple Robe  Bret Heim, Text by Timothy Dudley Smith  • SATB, piano • G-9333 

Ave Verum Corpus  Bob Moore • SAB, piano • G-9648

Behold the Lamb of God  Edward Eicker  • SATB, keyboard • 008974

Called to Your Table  Ephrem Feeley • SAB, cantor, assemblykeyboard, guitar • G-9642

Faithful Cross: The Adoration of the Holy Cross  Chris de Silva • SAB, cantor, assembly, keyboard, guitar • G-9500

God of the Covenants  Orin Johnson  • Two-part choir, cantor, assembly, keyboardguitar 005938

God’s Love for Us  Ephrem Feeley • SAB, cantor, assemblypiano • G-9638

I Bind My Heart (MEDINA)  Richard Proulx, Text by Lauchlan MacLean Watt  • Two-part mixedorgan  G-8996

Jesus, Remember Me  Nicholas Palmer  • SATB, SATB divisi, solo, reduction • G-9480

Lord, Let Your Mercy Be on Us: Psalm 33  Richard Siegel • SATB, cantor, assembly, organ, flute • 006357

My God, My God, Why Have you Abandoned Me?: Psalm 22  Robert Noble • SATB, cantor, assembly, keyboard, guitar 006418

My God, My God: Psalm 22 (21)  / Dios Mío, Dios Mío: Salmo 22 (21)  Christian Cosas • Two-part mixed choir, cantor, assembly, keyboard, guitar • 006477

My God, Why Have You Abandoned Me?: Psalm 22  Thomas W. Jefferson • SATB, cantor, assembly, keyboard • 001207 

O Christ the Healer We Have Come / When I Behold the Wondrous Cross / O God of Love  Peter Kolar, Text by Fred Pratt Green  • Unison, descant, piano, violin, flute  008994

O Come and Mourn with Me Awhile (NETTLETON)  Joreen Kelly • Two-part choir, keyboard 008984

O vos omnes  Jacquet Mantua, ed. Simon Carrington • SATB, reduction • G-9741

Only Love  Patrick Bradley • Three-part choir, soloist, keyboardguitar, bass  001243

Palm Sunday Procession  Robert Smith  • SATB, cantor, assembly, keyboard 005717 

Palm Sunday Processional and Hymn  Robert Noble, tr. John Neale • SATB, cantor, assembly, keyboard, guitar    005312

Quodlibet on Were You There & Amazing Grace (WERE YOU THERE and AMAZING GRACE)  Marcy Barr • SATB, cantor, assembly, keyboard • 005858

The Old Rugged Cross (OLD RUGGED CROSS)  George Bennard, arr. Jerrell Gray  • SATB, reduction • G-9047 

Two Settings of Adoramus Te Christe  Robert Farrell  • SATB a cappella  005917  

We Bow to Your Passion O Christ: Galician and Rusyn Chants for Passion Sunday and Good Friday  J. Michael Thompson  • SATB a cappella 005916

Were You There – SATB edition  Arr. Marques Garrett  • SATB, piano  G-8911 

Were You There – TTBB edition  Arr. Marques Garrett • TTBB, piano  G-9588 

What Grace Is This!  G.A. Hennig, Text by Laurie Gauger, arr. Larry Visser • SATB, organ  G-9314

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (ROCKINGHAM)  Arr. Robert Powell  • SATB, assembly, organ • G-9516

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (WAYFARING STRANGER)  Arr. Hal Hopson • SATB, piano • G-9798  

When Jesus Wept, the Falling Tear (WHEN JESUS WEPT)  William Billings, arr. Kyle Johnson • SATB, reduction009047

With Fragrance Sweet  Thomas Keesecker, Text by Delores Dufner, OSB • SATB, organ 008977