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Seek and You Will Find! Searching GIA’s Website for Hymnals and Missals

If you are looking for a new hymnal or missal subscription, there are many aspects you must consider before making your purchase. We, at GIA, understand the importance in making the right choice for your community. Gathering data to make an informed choice is of the utmost importance. Your initial search for information might take you to our website at, but then where do you go to get the answers you need? In this post we will show you exactly how to find the information you seek.

First, access GIA’s website at To make this convenient for you, click on the hyperlink in the previous sentence.

Then, there are several different ways you can access our Hymnals & Missals web pages.

1. Use the convenient tabs at the top of the page


2. Find the scrolling banner titled, “Hymnals & Missals” and click on it (it’s the third banner in the scroll)

3. Scroll down to the last section on the home page and click “Explore Hymnals & Missals”

After you arrive on the Hymnals & Missals landing page you have three options to explore:

1. Long-term Worship Resources: Includes all hardbound and some softbound hymnals
2. Short-term Worship Resources: Includes all subscription-based missals and hymnals
3. Additional Resources: Includes GIA Planner, the Hymnals App, Binders and Folders, and Hymnal Accessories

Simply click on one of the “Explore…” buttons and it will take you to a page that lists all the resources under that category. 

After you have perused the hymnals or missals included on these pages, simply choose a hymnal or missal, and click the “Learn More” button under it.

You will be taken to a detailed description of that resource along with other helpful information. 

Once you are on a specific hymnal or missal page you can scroll down and see the different information sections. You can study the contents, the features, the different editions available, and so on, to find out more about it.

If you want to know more about a specific edition, simply click on the button and you will be taken to a product detail page with information on the chosen edition.

It is our hope that you will find all the information you need on these pages to make an informed decision about which resource is right for your community. However, we know that there are often questions that can’t be answered by perusing a website and sometimes it’s easier to connect with an expert before making such an important investment. 

We want you to consider the GIA Hymnal and Missal Sales Team your partners in the pursuit of a new worship resource. We are available to answer any and all of your questions. 

Please feel free to contact one of our sales representatives. (Suzanne Orland at 1.708.552.9815 or Raquel Velazquez at 1.708.552.9850). Or you can send us an email to [email protected]. 

We look forward to accompanying you on this exciting journey!