September 25, 2022

Joseph in Prison

Year 1  ( 2022 – 2023 )


Genesis 39:1-23


Joseph is unjustly imprisoned, after refusing to consent to Potiphar’s wife. God is with him there.

Children’s Prayer

(This prayer is used weekly at Broadway Presbyterian Church in NYC, as the final moment in the Children’s Sermon.)


Everyone (kids and grown-ups alike) prays and moves together:

God is everywhere. (Arms reach up and make an arc above and to the sides.)

God before us. (Arms extend out to the front.)

God behind us. (Arms reach back over the head.)

God beside us. (Arms reach out to the side.)

God within us. (Hands cross over chest.)

God goes with us. (Hands move outward.)


The Children’s sermon leader adds a brief prayer in relation to the theme of the day.

We thank you, O God, that you are always with us in hard times and happy times.

Help us to know you are near. Amen.

Congregational Song Suggestions

“Dare to Live the Dream God Gives You”

David Bjorlin – Protest of Praise, GIA 2020

“En medio de la vida (You Are the God within Life”

Bolivia – VT 526

“En medio de la vida (You Are My Source and Center)”

Bolivia – SSS 283

“In the Morning, in the Evening”

Adam M. L. Tice/Bex Gaunt Pulse and Breath, GIA Publications, 2019

“O God, You Search Me”

GTG 29, VT 199

“Onyame wo mu o (In Your Sickness)”

Ghana – VT 607

“Till All the Jails Are Empty (God Has Work for Us to Do)”

Carl Daw/Mark Miller Roll Down, Justice, Choristers Guild, 2015

“You Are Before Me, Lord”

GTG 28

Beyond the Hymnal

 “Close Every Door to Me”

from the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoatby Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice