Here are some songs you may want to consider for upcoming liturgies, themes, sacramental celebrations, etc.:

First Communion liturgies will be here before we know it! Brian has written and recorded a beautiful song especially for those celebrations. I love how the end of the Refrain sings the following words:
In your Body and your Blood
In a very special way
You have come to me this First Communion day.

It’s very singable and, again, very beautiful and fitting for First Communion.

What I Have Done for You by John Angotti and James V. Marchionda, O.P.

Looking for the perfect song to accompany the ‘washing of the feet’ on Holy Thursday? Listen to this recording, beautifully done by John. I love the lyric:

…and a towel around his waist called humility

True Love by Amelia Acosta

I was recently asked to recommend some new Communion songs that aren’t as well known, and this one came to mind almost immediately.  Amelia has written and recorded a beautiful song with beautiful lyrics.

We will go to the table of the Lord
Like the ocean meets the shore
Where we meet him in true love

(Also check out “He Lives in Us“)

You are the Light by Ed Bolduc/performed by W. Clifford Petty

I was honored when Cliff asked if I had anything for his latest album. At the time I didn’t, but this melody and familiar lyric came to mind immediately when I thought of writing something for him:

You are the light, the light of the world!
So let your light shine!

Fun vocals for the choir, too. A great upbeat closing song that could feature a strong soloist!

CD Universal Language by Norm Cotone

A few years ago, my good friend Norm Cotone, whose been in the music business all of his life, recorded a solo album of some great songs, produced by the multi-talented Jeff Thomas (Jeff Thomas Productions). I had the pleasure and honor of being a small part of the process and contributed a tiny bit…but I love listening to this album. Check it out. Norm is currently a music director in a Catholic parish…and an amazing piano player!

(My favorites are “The Gift,” “Let God be God,” and the touching song about his mom…”With You in Spirit” which features Phil Keaggy on guitar.)