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Song Ideas for the 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Responsorial Psalm: Forever Will I Sing by Ed Bolduc (WLP) found in the collection Voices As One vol. 2 and on the CD Forever Will I Sing  listen


All About You by Radcliffe/Houghton (Capitol CMG/CCLI) listen from SongSelect  “You are the center of my focus, Jesus.”

Behold by WAL (WLP) from the CD Always and Everywhere and found in the collection More Voices As One vol. 3  listen “Behold the Bread of life, behold the sacred Blood, behold the Body of Christ, behold what makes us one.”  

Because He Lives (Amen) by Maher and various (Gaither Copyright/Capitol CMG/Music Services/Essential Music/CCLI)  listen on SongSelect  “Because he lives I can face tomorrow…every fear is gone.”

Build My Life by Younker/Martin/Kaple/Redman/Barrett (Capitol CMG/Bethel Music/CCLI) listen from SongSelect  “We live for you.  I will build my life upon your love.”

Christ Is Risen by Fields/Maher (Capitol CMG/Essential Music/CCLI) listen from SongSelect “Christ is risen from the dead, trampling over death by death.”

Great are You, Lord by Leonard/Ingram/Jordan (Capitol CMG/Essential Music/CCLI)  listen from SongSelect

He Is Risen by Jacob and Matthew (WLP) from the CD Every Day  listen

Holy God We Praise Thy Name (arr. Modlin) (spiritandsong) – traditional lyrics

I Am Yours (Consume Me, Completely) by Trevor Thomson (WLP) from CD In Shadow and In Light and the collection More Voices As One vol. 2  listen  “O Bread of Life, you will answer all our needs…”

I Love You, Lord by Matt Maher (spiritandsong) listen on YouTube  “I love you, Lord, you are my strength.”

I Will Choose Christ by Tom Booth (spiritandsong) from the CD Find Us Ready  “I give my life, I give my all to you.”

Lay It Down by Brown/Maher (Capitol CMG/CCLI)  listen from SongSelect  “Everything I am, everything I long to be, I lay it down…at your feet.”

*Lord, Reign in Me by Brenton Brown (Vineyard Music/CCLI) found in the collection Voices As One vol. 2 and on the CD Father, We Thank Thee  listen  “Over every thought, over every word, may my life reflect the beauty of my Lord.”

Take Up Our Cross by Stephan/Hart (spiritandsong)

*Take My Life by Scott Underwood (Vineyard Music/CCLI) found in the collection Voices As One vol. 2 and on the CD Fountain of Mercy  listen  “Take my will and conform it to yours.”

Take My Life by Tomlin et al (Capitol CMG/CCLI) listen from SongSelect  “Take my life and let it be consecrated all to thee.”

There’s a Wideness in God’s Mercy (Be Merciful) by Ed Bolduc (WLP) found in the collection More Voices As One vol. 3  listen  “So be merciful, just as our God is merciful.”

* indicates instrumental parts available for these titles in the Voices As One series. All titles from this series have C and B-flat instrument parts. Select titles have Saxophone and Brass parts. 


Voices As One ® Vol. 1 and 2 C Instrument Book

Voices As One ® Vol. 1 and 2 Bb Instrument Book

Voices As One ® Vol. 1 and 2 Saxophone and Brass Instrument Book

** available as an eBundle (contains various instrumentation depending on the specific title)