Songs Ideas for Holy Thursday and Good Friday 2023



Our Blessing Cup: Psalm 116 by John Angotti found in the collection VOICES  listen

Our Blessing Cup by Tony Alonso (WLP) – uses the melody of Pange Lingua  listen


Altar of Hope (Be Still) by Hess/Diliberto (WLP) from the CD Glorify Him  and the collection VOICES “All are invited, together with heaven…” listen (Preparation / Communion)

Behold the Lamb of God by Matt Maher (spiritandsong) found in the collection VOICES.  “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.”  listen (Communion)

Blessed are You, Lord by Jackie Francois (spiritandsong) from the CD Your Kingdom Is Glorious and found in the collection VOICES. “One family, with angels and saints…give praise to thee.”  (Communion) listen

Bread Broken and Given by Thomson/Talarico (GIA) found in the collection VOICES  “Bread broken and given, wine poured and shared…may we become what we receive, Jesus.”  (Communion) listen

Bread of Angels by Curtis Stephan (spiritandsong) found in the collection VOICES “Bread of Angels, we receive you, with us now abide.” listen

Called to the Supper of the Lamb by Tony Alonso (WLP)

Christ In Me, Arise by Trevor Thomson ( from the CD Christ In Me, Arise and the collection VOICES “Be now my footsteps, leading the way, taking me where I must go.”  (Gathering / Preparation / Communion) listen

Come to the Table by John Angotti (WLP) from the CD Testify and the collection Voices as One vol. 2  and VOICES “Eat the Bread of salvation, drink the Cup of new life” (Preparation / Communion) listen

Do This In Memory of Me by Chris Muglia (spiritandsong)   found in the collection VOICES “Take the Living Bread of Life, take the Cup of Sacrifice, do this in memory of me.” (Communion) listen

Feed Us, Lord by W. Clifford Petty (WLP) “Thank you this bread we break; it is the Body of Christ.” (Communion)

He Lives In Us by Amelia Acosta (WLP) from the collection and in the collection VOICES “…forever changing our hearts…” (Communion) listen

Humility Prayer  by Matthew Baute (WLP) from the CD River of Grace) – for the washing of feet 

I Am the Bread of Life  (Come and Follow Me) by Steve Angrisano and Tom Booth (spiritandsong)  “Come to me and know that I’ll always be there…” (Communion)

I Am the Bread of Life by John Michael Talbot (Brentwood-Benson/Capitol CMG) found in the collection Voices As One vol. 1 and VOICES. “No one who believes shall ever thirst. (Communion) listen

I Am the Bread of Life by Tom Kaczmarek (WLP) found in the collection Voices as One vol. 2  and VOICESand on the CD Celebrate the Feast (Consider a slightly slower, less aggressive arrangement in the beginning.)  (Communion) listen

I Am Yours (Consume Me, Completely) by Trevor Thomson (WLP) from CD In Shadow and In Light and the collection More Voices as One vol. 2 and VOICES. “Bread of Life, Wine of Peace, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity…” (Communion)  listen

In Remembrance by Hommerding/Bolduc (WLP) listen – for the Washing of the Feet and/or Communion

Living Bread by Ubowski/Hart (GIA) found in the collection VOICES “This is living bread come down from heaven.  You are living bread come down from heaven.”  (Communion) listen

Miracle of Grace by Curtis Stephan ( found in the collection VOICES  “Bread of Life…those who eat this bread shall live and never die.” (Communion) listen

Pange, Lingua/Sing, My Tongue (traditional chant)  – for the transfer of the Eucharist

Paschal Mystery by Bradley Knuckles (WLP) ) found in the collection VOICES  “We find in you what nothing else can give. You satisfy the heart.” (Preparation / Communion)  listen

Remembrance (The Communion Song) by Maher/Redman (Capitol CMG/CCLI) found in the collection VOICES “O how could it be that my God would welcome me into this mystery.” (Communion)  listen

So Beautiful by Jacob and Matthew Band (WLP) from the CD Every Day and the collection More Voices as One vol. 2  and VOICES “Bread from heaven, Cup of everlasting life, in this meal we share the Body of Christ.” (Communion) listen

Table of Plenty by Dan Schutte (OCP) “I wait to welcome the lost and lonely, to share the cup of my love…” (Gathering / Preparation / Communion – slower)

Taste and See by Trevor Thomson (WLP/GIA) found in the collection VOICES  listen  (Communion)

The Feast Meant for Everyone by Booth/Hart (OCP) “Bread for the immigrant, bread for the poor, bread for the hungry who beg at our door. Food for the outcast waiting to belong; come to the feast meant for everyone.” (Preparation / Communion)

True Love by Amelia Acosta (WLP)  listen on YouTube “We will go where the cup of love is poured, where the bread of life restores, where we meet him in true love.” (Communion)

We Bring Our Gifts to Your Altar by Brian Flynn (WLP) from the CD Born Again and found in the collection More Voices as One vol. 1  and VOICES.  “…He offered his life as a ransom for sin…” (Song of Preparation) listen

We Come to You by Josh Blakesley ( from the CD Waiting and the collection VOICES“In the Body of Christ we are brought to new life…” (Communion)  listen

What I Have Done for You by John Angotti (WLP) from the CD We Gather in Love found in the collection VOICES   listen – for the washing of feet.




 Into Your Hands by Tony Alonso (WLP) from the CD I Shall Live  listen  


Above All by Leblanc/Baloche (Capitol CMG/LenSongs Publishing, Inc./CCLI) found in the collection Voices as One vol. 2  and VOICES   “Crucified, laid behind the stone, you lived to die…” (Preparation / Communion / Closing)  listen

At the Cross (Love Ran Red) by Tomlin et al (Capitol CMG/Brentwood-Benson/CCLI)  “At the cross…where your love ran red and my sin washed white.”  (Preparation / Communion / Closing) 

Behold the Lamb of God by Matt Maher (spiritandsong) found in the collection VOICES.  “You are my Lord, it’s you I adore…”  listen (Communion)

Behold the Wood by Dan Schutte (OCP) from the 2-CD set Walking the Sacred Path

Behold (Then Sings My Soul) by Joel Houston (Capitol CMG/CCLI) found in the collection VOICES  “Behold his holy Son, the Lion and the Lamb given to us.”  (Song of Preparation / Communion) listen

In Christ Alone by Getty/Townend (Capitol CMG) “In Christ alone my hope is found…my Comforter, my All in All.”  (Preparation / Communion)

Jesus, Messiah by Reeves/Carson/Cash/Tomlin (Capitol CMG/Music Services/CCLI)  found in the collection VOICES. “All glory to you, God, the Light of the World.” (Use anywhere except Psalm) listen

Lead Me to the Cross by Ligertwood (Capitol CMG) 

Nothing by Chris Rice (Word Music/CCLI) found in the collection Voices as One vol. 2   

O Sacred Head (Traditional)

Once Again by Matt Redman (Capitol CMG) found in the collection Voices as One vol. 2  and VOICES”Once again I look upon the cross where you died. I’m humbled by your mercy and I’m broken inside. Once again I thank you…” listen

Take Up Our Cross by Stephan/Hart (spiritandsong) found in VOICES “We take up our cross and follow him. We lay down our lives that we might live.” (Gathering / Preparation / Communion / Closing) listen

The Wonderful Cross by Tomlin/Watts/Walt/Reeves/Mason (Capitol CMG) 

“When I survey the wondrous cross on which the Prince of Glory died…”

Tree of Life by Aaron Thompson (WLP) from the CD 10,000 Angels and the collection More Voices As One vol. 1  and the collection VOICES  “As we travel on our journey, take our hearts and make them new.” (Communion) listen

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus by Helen H. Lemmel (CCLI #15960) made popular on Michael W. Smith’s Album Worship

Were You There (traditional) – also, check out this recording by John Angotti from the CD Joy Beyond Our Dreams

What Wondrous Love Is This? arranged by Josh Blakesley (  listen on YouTube  (Preparation / Communion / Closing) 

You are My King (Amazing Love) by Billy James Foote ( found in the collection Voices as One vol. 2  and VOICES. “Amazing love, how can it be that you, my King, would die for me?”  (Preparation / Second Communion)  listen