Song Ideas for the 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time, August 21, 2022

Entrance Antiphon: (Psalm 86[85]:1–3) “Turn your ear, O Lord, and answer me; save the servant who trusts in you, my God.  Have mercy on me, O Lord, for I cry to you all the day long.”

Gospel Acclamation: (John 14:6) “I am the way, the truth, and the life, says the Lord; no one comes to the Father, except through me.”

Communion Antiphon: (Psalm 104[103]:13–15 “The earth is replete with the fruits of your work, O Lord; you bring forth bread from the earth and wine to cheer the heart.”


(John 6:54) “Whoever eats my flesh and drink my blood has eternal life, says the Lord, and I will raise him up on the last day.”

RESPONSORIAL PSALM: (FREE) Go Out to the World by Ed Bolduc ( lead sheet  live demo


A Rightful Place by Steve Angrisano (spiritandsong) from the CD A New Day  and found in the collection VOICES  “To gather in your presence we came to be one in spirit, in truth and name; strengthened by the body of Christ, taking up the call now to share your light with all the world. ” (Closing Song) listen

All Who Enter Here by Houze/Angotti (WLP) from the CD Today and in the collection VOICES.  “All who enter here, God’s loving mercy…the stranger in this land…”  (Gathering Song) listen

Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly by Tomlin/Ingram/Barrett (Capitol CMG/CCLI) “Years from now we’ll see The fruit our hands have sown…” (Preparation / Closing)

By Our Love by Christy Nockels (Capitol CMG/CCLI) “Love with his hands, see with his eyes…and they will know us by our love…”  (Preparation / Communion)

Do This In Memory of Me by Chris Muglia (spiritandsong)   found in the collection VOICES listen “I am the bread of life come down from heaven so that all who eat this bread will never die.” (Communion)

Gather Us In by Marty Haugen (GIA) “Gather us in, the lost and forsaken…” (Gathering)

Gather Your People by Bob Hurd (OCP) “Draw us forth to the table of life: brothers and sisters, each of us called to walk in Your light.”  (Gathering / Preparation / Communion)

Go Into the World by Tom Booth (spiritandsong) found on the CD You Welcomed Me  “Go into the world loving the people that you meet. Seek out the poor, the sick and the lonely. Let mercy lead, as you have received, for they are my sheep.” (Preparation / Communion / Closing)

Go Out by W. Clifford Petty (WLP) from the CD We are Filled with Joy and the collection VOICES listen  “Go out to the world and tell the good news.”  (Closing)

Go Out in the World by Ed Bolduc (WLP) from the CD Awake to the Day and found in the collection Voices as One vol. 2 and VOICES  “Go and make disciples of all the nations.”  (Closing) listen 

I Am the Bread of Life by Tom Kaczmarek (WLP) found in the collection Voices as One vol. 2  and VOICES and on the CD Celebrate the Feast (Consider a slightly slower, less aggressive arrangement in the beginning.)  (Communion) listen

I Am the Bread of Life  (Come and Follow Me) by Steve Angrisano and Tom Booth (spiritandsong)  “Come to me and know that I’ll always be there…” (Communion)

I Am the Bread of Life by Toolan (GIA)  (Communion)

I Am the Way by Craig Colson (WLP) from the CD I Am the Way  and found in the collection More Voices as One vol. 3 and in the collection VOICES listen “I am the way, I am the truth, I am the life,” says the Lord.”  (Preparation / Communion)

In the Name of the Father by WAL (WLP) from the CD  Always and Everywhere and found in the collection More Voices as One vol. 3 and VOICES “In the name of the Father, in the name of the Son, in the name of the Spirit we are gathered here as one.”  (Closing) listen

In This Place by Trevor & Victoria Thompson (spiritandsong) “We are gathered at table as one in the Lord. We are gathered as people who are living the Word.” (Gathering / Preparation)

Let Me Be Joy (Let Me be a Channel) by Ed Bolduc ( “We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus…”  mp3 – sheet music 

Many and One by Steve Angrisano ( found in the collection VOICES  “…the shepherd who gathers us all…” (Gathering / Preparation / Communion) listen

My Reward by Paul Baloche (Capitol CMG/CCLI)  “Jesus you are my reward…to hear your voice on that day is all I’m living for.”  (Closing Song)

O Salutaris Hostia (O Saving Lamb) by Tom Booth ( from the CD Captured  listen on YouTube  “O Saving Victim open wide the gates of heaven to us below.’  (Communion)

One Bread, One Cup by Lee/Canedo/Fisher/Aven (spiritandsong) “Gathered as one family in love, one bread, one cup.” (Preparation / Communion)

Open Up the Heavens by Rozier/McDonald/Ingram/Andrews/Garrard (Word Music/Essential Music/CCLI) found in the collection VOICES (Closing Song) listen

Paschal Mystery by Bradley Knuckles (WLP) ) found in the collection VOICES  “We find in you what nothing else can give. You satisfy the heart.” (Preparation / Communion)  listen

Shout to the North by Martin Smith (Capitol CMG/CCLI) found in the collections Voices as One vol. 2and VOICES. “Shout to the north and the south, sing to the east and the west, Jesus is Savior to all, Lord of heaven and earth.”  (Gathering / Preparation / Closing) listen

We Gather As the Body of Christ by John Angotti (WLP) from the CD We Gather In Love  click here to preview full score and listen “We gather as the Body of Christ to receive the Body of Christ. We go forth as the Body of Christ…” (Gathering / Preparation)

We Gather In Love by John Angotti (WLP) from the CD We Gather In Love and found in the collection More Voices as One vol. 2  and VOICES. “United in one spirit, each different in appearance, all are welcomed in the house of God. We gather in love.” (Gathering / Preparation / Communion) listen