Here are some song possibilities for the 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time, November 5, 2023

Entrance Antiphon:  (Psalm 38 [37]: 22–23) “Forsake me not, O Lord, my God; be not far from me! Make haste and come to my help, O Lord, my strong salvation.

Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 131: 1, 2, 3  ”In you, O Lord, I have found my peace.”

In You, O Lord  by Ed Bolduc (WLP) found in the collection Voices as One vol. 1 and VOICES   listen  Just use the first phrase as the sung refrain. The verses could then be proclaimed, or chanted from the lectionary.  “In you, O Lord, I have found my peace.” 

Gospel Acclamation: (Matthew 23: 9b, 10b) “You have but one Father in heaven and one master, the Christ.”

Communion Antiphon: (Psalm 16 [15]: 11) “You will show me the path of life, the fullness of joy in your presence.“


(Jn 6:58) “Just as the living Father sent me and I have life because of the Father, so whoever feeds on me shall have life because of me, says the Lord.”

More Songs:

A Rightful Place by Steve Angrisano (spiritandsong) from the CD A New Day  and found in the collection VOICES  “Let us live our lives so that all may see that our hearts are restless ‘till they rest in thee.”  (Closing Song) listen

Adore by WAL (WLP) from the CD Always and Everywhere  and found in the collection More Voices as One vol. 3 and VOICES  “Humble in your glory, Mighty King, yet lowly, I bow before you” (Communion)  listen

All About You by Ratcliffe/Houghton (Capitol CMG/CCLI) “You are the Holy One. You are the Living Word. You are the center of my focus, Jesus.   (Closing Song)

All Creatures of Our God and King (arr. Ed Bolduc) found in the collection VOICES. “And worship him in humbleness.” (Gathering / Preparation / Communion) listen   (Use anywhere but Psalm)

At the Name of Jesus by Ed Bolduc (WLP) from the CD Hymns and found in the collection More Voices as One vol. 1and the collection VOICES   “At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow…” (Gathering / Preparation / Communion / Closing)  listen

Be Enthroned by Johnson/Thompson/Riddle/Heiligenthal “Be enthroned upon the praises of a thousand generations, you are worthy, Lord of all, and unto you, the slain and risen King, we lifted our voice to heaven…”. (Gathering / Preparation / 2nd Communion)

Be God’s by Danielle Rose (WLP) from the collection Voices as One vol. 2 and the CD Mysteries  and VOICES“Where the world is merciless, be God’s mercy. Where the world is hopeless, be God’s hope. Where there is injustice, be God’s justice…”  (Preparation / Closing) listen

Be Thou My Vision by Hull/Byrne (Public Domain) “Be thou my vision, O Lord of my heart.”  (Gathering / Preparation / Communion)

Behold the Lamb of God by Matt Maher (spiritandsong) found in the collection VOICES.  “Your might humbles every heart…”  listen (Communion)

Can We Love by Tom Booth (spiritandsong) from the CD Captured  and found in the collection VOICES “It’s more than raising our hands.  It’s more than singing this song.” (Song of Gathering / Song of Preparation) listen

Give Glory by Jacob and Matthew Band (WLP) from the CD Every Day and the collection More Voices As One vol. 1 and VOICES. “Give glory to our God who is and always was.”  (Closing Song) listen

Give Us Clean Hands by Charlie Hall (Capitol CMG/CCLI) “We bow our hearts, we bend our knees, O Spirit, come make us humble.”  (Song of Preparation / Communion)

Here I Am to Worship by Tim Hughes (Capitol CMG/CCLI) found in the collection Voices as One vol. 2 and on the CD Strong In Faith and found in the collection VOICES “Here I am to bow down…”   (Song of Gathering / Song of Preparation / Communion Meditation) listen

Humble Thyself in the Sight of the Lord by Bob Hudson (Brentwood-Benson Publishing/CCLI)  (Song of Gathering / Song of Preparation / Communion Meditation)

I Am Yours (Consume Me, Completely) by Trevor Thomson (WLP) from CD In Shadow and In Light and the collection More Voices as One vol. 2 and VOICES. “Let your light shine, let it shine in my heart…”  (Communion)  listen

I Will Follow by Tomlin/Ingram/Morgan (Capitol CMG/Essential/Spirit Music/CCLI)  “Whom you love I’ll love, how you serve I’ll serve…” found in the  collection VOICES (Preparation) listen

King of My Heart by McMillan/McMillan (Capitol CMG/Moniker Music Group/CCLI)    “Let the king of my heart be…the fountain I drink from…”  (Song of Preparation / Communion Meditation)

Lay Me Down by Tomlin/Ingram/Myrin/Redman (Capitol CMG/CCLI) “I lay me down, I’m not my own. I belong to you alone…there’s no life apart from you.” (Closing)

Let Me Be Joy (Let Me be a Channel) by Ed Bolduc ( “We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus…”  mp3 – sheet music 

More Love, More Power by Jude DelHiero (Mercy/Vineyard/CCLI) found in the collection More Voices as One vol. 2and VOICES and on the CD Come, Holy Spirit  (Here’s a slower version:)  “And I will seek your face with all of my heart.”  (Gather / Preparation / Communion)

My Heart Your Home by Nathan & Christy Nockels (CURB/ Word Music Publishing/CCLI) (Communion Meditation)

Once Again by Matt Redman (Capitol CMG) found in the collection Voices as One vol. 2  and VOICES ”Once again I look upon the cross where you died. I’m humbled by your mercy and I’m broken inside. Once again I thank you…” listen

The Rock of Faith by Ed Bolduc (WLP) found in the collection Voices as One vol. 2 , the collection VOICES, and the CD In Every Age  “Do you know where you stand? Do you know where you heart is?” (Closing) listen

Shine the Light by WAL (WLP) from the CD Always and Everywhere and found in the collection More Voices as One vol. 3 and VOICES “Shine the light, shine his light, to all the nations, be the love, be his love that won us salvation.”  (Closing Song) listen

The Name of Jesus by Brian Flynn (WLP) from the CD Born Again  and found in the collection More Voices As One vol. 1   and VOICES. “Every knee will bow down, every tongue will confess that you are the glory of God.” (Closing) listen

The Same Love by Rossback/Baloche (Capitol CMG/CCLI) found in the collection VOICES “You are calling us all by name…You choose the humble and raise them high.”  (Preparation / Closing)  listen

We are the Light of the World by Jean Anthony Greif (Vernacular Hymns Publishing Company) “Blessed are they, meek and humble…”  (Song of Preparation / Closing) 

We Fall Down by Chris Tomlin (Capitol CMG/CCLI) found in the collection Voices as One vol. 2VOICES, and on the CD Fountain of Mercy “We lay our crowns at the feet of Jesus.”  (Gathering / Preparation / Communion) listen

We Gather As the Body of Christ by John Angotti (WLP) from the CD We Gather In Love  click here to preview full score and listen “We gather as the Body of Christ to receive the Body of Christ. We go forth as the Body of Christ…” (Gathering / Preparation)

We Gather In Love by John Angotti (WLP) from the CD We Gather In Love and found in the collection More Voices as One vol. 2  and VOICES. “United in one spirit, each different in appearance, all are welcomed in the house of God. We gather in love.” (Gathering / Preparation / Communion) listen