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Song Ideas for 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time / February 10, 2019

Entrance Antiphon:  (Psalm 95:6–7) “O come, let us worship God and bow low before the God who made us, for he is the Lord our God.”

Communion Antiphon: (Psalm 107:8–9) “Let them thank the Lord for his mercy, his wonders for the children of men, for he satisfies the thirsty soul, and the hungry he fills with good things.”

or  (Matthew 5:5–6) “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be consoled. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall have their fill.”


Psalm Settings:

In the Sight of the Angels by Ficarra (WLP)  listen

In the Sight of the Angels by Colson (WLP) from the collection Psalms for the Church  listen


More Songs:

Adore by WAL (WLP) from the CD Always and Everywhere and found in the collection More Voices as One vol. 3  listen  “Humble in your glory, Mighty King yet lowly, I bow before you..” (Communion)

Altar of Hope by Hess/Diliberto (WLP)  from the CD Glorify Him  listen

And We Cry, “Holy” by Aaron Thompson (WLP) from the CD 10,000 Angels and found in the collection More Voices as One vol. 1  listen  “And we cry, ‘Holy is the Father…’” (Closing Song)

*Be God’s by Danielle Rose (WLP) from the collection Voices As One vol. 2 and the CD Mysteries  listen  “If you want the world to change, be God’s love. Use your gifts to bless this day, be God’s love.”  (Preparation / Closing)

Change Me by Tom Booth (spiritandsong) from the CD Change Me “The ember touched his mouth and his sin was burned away…Peter met the Lord while he was fishing…”  (Preparation / Closing)

*Come and Follow Me by John Angotti (WLP) from the CD We Will be the Light and found in the collection Voices as One vol. 2  listen  “We cast our nets…”  (Preparation / Communion)

*Come, Worship the Lord by John Michael Talbot (Capitol CMG, Brentwood–Benson/CCLI)  “…let us bow down to the rock who made us…”  (Entrance Antiphon)  

*Father, We Thank Thee by John Angotti (WLP) found in the collection Voices As One vol. 2 and on the CD Father, We Thank Thee  listen  “Father, we thank thee, for planting these seeds in our hearts.” (Preparation / Communion)

**Follow Me by Danielle Rose (WLP) from the CD Pursue Me and found in the collection More Voices as One vol. 1  listen  “From now on you’ll be fishers of men.”  (Preparation / Communion)

Glorify Him by Your Life by Lorraine Hess (WLP) from the CD Glorify Him  listen   (Closing)

Go Now by Aaron Thompson (WLP) from the CD Alive In Me and found in More Voices as One vol. 3  listen  “Go now, go now out in the world…send me, Lord, and strengthen me.  Be my light and shine through me.” (Closing)

He Lives In Us by Amelia Acosta (WLP) found in the collection More Voices as One vol. 1  listen  “He lives in us and makes us the Body of Christ.”  (Communion)

Heart Abandoned by Stanfill/Curran (Capitol CMG/CCLI) listen from SongSelect “God give me a heart abandoned, ever after you alone.”  (Communion)

*Here I Am by John Angotti (WLP) from the CD Testify and found in the collection found in the collection Voices As One vol. 2  listen  (Preparation)

*Here I Am to Worship by Tim Hughes (Capitol CMG/CCLI) found in the collection Voices as One vol. 2 and on the CD Strong In Faith  “Here I am to bow down…”  listen  (Gathering)

Here I Am, Lord by Daniel Schutte (OCP) (Preparation / Communion)

Holy Is the Lord by Tomlin/Giglio (EMI/CCLI)  “Holy is the Lord, God Almighty, the earth is filled with his glory!”  (Gathering / Preparation / Closing)

I Am the Bread of Life  (Come and Follow Me) by Steve Angrisano and Tom Booth (spiritandsong)  (Communion)

I See the Lord by Paul Baloche (Capitol CMG/Integrity/CCLI) “…and he is seated on the throne, the train of his robe is filling the heavens…Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God, Almighty!”  (Gathering / Preparation / Closing)

I Will Follow by Jacob and Matthew Band (WLP) from the CD Every Day   listen  “Grace set in motion and it won’t stop moving me.”  (Preparation / Communion)

I Will Follow by Tomlin/Ingram/Morgan (Capitol CMG/Essential/Spirit Music/CCLI)  “I will live for you alone…”  (Preparation / Closing)

*Make Us Your Own by Ed Bolduc (WLP) from the CD Awake to the Day and found in the collection Voices as One vol. 2  listen  “Lord of life, come and make us your own.”  (Communion)

One Lord, One Faith by Lorraine Hess (WLP)  “Spirit of God…help us embrace all the gifts you provide to serve in love…”   (Closing)


Revelation Song by Jennie Lee Riddle (Capitol CMG / CCLI)  Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty. Who was and is and is to come;” (Preparation / Communion)

The Beatitudes by Ed Bolduc (WLP) from the CD Word for Word  listen  “Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”  (Communion Antiphon)

We Gather As the Body of Christ by John Angotti (WLP) from the CD We Gather In Love and found in the collection More Voices as One vol. 3  listen  (Gathering / Preparation)


* indicates instrumental parts available for these titles in the Voices As One series. All titles from this series have C and B-flat instrument parts. Select titles have Saxophone and Brass parts.


Voices As One ® Vol. 1 and 2 C Instrument Book

Voices As One ® Vol. 1 and 2 Bb Instrument Book

Voices As One ® Vol. 1 and 2 Saxophone and Brass Instrument Book

** available as an eBundle (contains various instrumentation depending on the specific title)