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Song Ideas for Palm Sunday, April 10, 2022


Processional Songs: 

Hosanna by John Angotti (WLP/GIA) from the CD  Today  “Hosanna to the Son of David. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”  (Procession with Palms) 

Hosanna to the Son of David by Tom Booth (spiritandsong)  (Procession with Palms) 

Blessed Is He by Feargal King (WLP/GIA) found in the collection Voices as One vol. 2 and VOICES “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”  (Procession with Palms )  listen  


Another Idea: 

Here is something I arranged a couple of years ago: a ‘verse’ to go with the beautiful and popular refrain by Brooke Ligertwood in the song  Hosanna.  (by Hillsong). 

Blessed Is He – Hosanna EXCERPT 

You could begin with the Refrain or the Verse, your choice.  The song can continue to loop around as much as needed.  


Some other ideas for the procession with palms: 

Sing Hosanna by Josh Blakesley (spiritandsong.com) from the CD Free   listen on YouTube   “Sing Hosanna…King of Kings, Lord of Lord, You are God.”  (Procession with Palms) 

Sing Hosanna to Our King by John Angotti (WLP/GIA) found in the collection VOICES  listen(Procession with Palms) 

Hosanna (Praise Is Rising) by Brown/Baloche (Capitol CMG/CCLI) “In Your Kingdom broken lives are made new. You make us new.”  (Procession with Palms) 

He Is Exalted by Twila Paris (EMI/CCLI) found in the collection VOICES  “He is the Lord! Forever his truth shall reign! He is exalted, the King is exalted on high!”  (Procession with Psalms) listen 

Holy Is the Lord by Tomlin/Giglio (EMI/CCLI)  found in the collection VOICES “We stand and lift up our hands, for the joy of the Lord is our strength.”   (Procession with Palms) listen 




My God, Why Have You Abandoned Me?: Psalm 22 (WLP/GIA) by Ed Bolduc – my god my god VOICES  C inst found in the collection VOICES listen 

FREE: My God, My God by Ed Bolduc – lead sheet   instrumental parts    listen

Why Have You Abandoned Me? by Cliff Petty (WLP) 

My God, My God by Scot Crandal (spiritandsong.com) 



More songs:

Above All by Leblanc/Baloche (Capitol CMG/LenSongs Publishing, Inc./CCLI) found in the collection Voices as One vol. 2  and VOICES   “Crucified, laid behind the stone, you lived to die…”  (Preparation / Communion / Closing) – it actually works well for a closing song at this Liturgy.  listen

At the Cross (Love Ran Red)  by Tomlin et al (Capitol CMG/Brentwood-Benson/CCLI)  “At the cross…where your love ran red and my sin washed white.”  (Preparation / Communion / Closing) 

Behold by WAL (WLP) from the CD Always and Everywhere and found in the collection More Voices as One vol. 3 and VOICES  (Communion) listen

Behold the Lamb of God by Matt Maher (spiritandsong) found in the collection VOICES  “…who takes away the sins of the world…You are my Lord, it’s you I adore…Your might humbles every heart…” (Communion)  listen

Christ In Me, Arise by Trevor Thomson (spiritandsong.com) from the CD Christ In Me, Arise and the collection VOICES   listen

He Lives In Us by Amelia Acosta (WLP) from the collection and in the collection VOICES…forever changing our hearts…” (Communion) listen

Holiness Is Faithfulness by Danielle Rose (WLP/GIA) found in the collection Voices as One vol. 2 and in the collection VOICES.  (Preparation) listen

In Christ Alone by Getty/Townend (Capitol CMG) (Preparation/Closing) – omit verse 3

Jesus, Messiah by Reeves/Carson/Cash/Tomlin (Capitol CMG/Music Services/CCLI)  found in the collection VOICES. “All glory to you, God, the Light of the World.” (Use anywhere except Psalm)  listen

Jesus Reigns by John Angotti (WLP) from the CD We Gather In Love and the collection More Voices as One vol. 2 and VOICES (Preparation / Closing)listen

Lead Me to the Cross by Ligertwood (Capitol CMG) (Preparation)

Once Again by Matt Redman (Capitol CMG) found in the collection Voices as One vol. 2  and VOICES (Preparation/Communion) listen

Paschal Mystery by Bradley Knuckles (WLP) )  found in the collection VOICES  “We find in you what nothing else can give. You satisfy the heart.” (Preparation / Communion)  listen

Take Up Our Cross by Stephan/Hart (spiritandsong) found in VOICES “We take up our cross and follow him. We lay down our lives that we might live.” (Preparation / Communion / Closing) listen

The Same Love by Rossback/Baloche (Capitol CMG/CCLI) found in the collection VOICES “You are calling us all by name.” (Preparation / Closing)  listen

The Wonderful Cross by Tomlin/Watts/Walt/Reeves/Mason (Capitol CMG) (Preparation/Closing)

Tree of Life by Aaron Thompson (WLP) from the CD 10,000 Angels and the collection More Voices As One vol. 1  and the collection VOICES  “As we travel on our journey, take our hearts and make them new.”  (Communion) listen

What a Beautiful Name by Fielding/Ligertwood (Capitol CMG/CCLI) found in the collection VOICES. “Death could not hold you…the veil tore before you.” (Second Communion) listen

What Wondrous Love Is This? arranged by Josh Blakesley (spiritandsong.com)  listen on YouTube   (Preparation / Communion / Closing) 

Unless a Grain of Wheat by John Angotti (WLP/GIA) found in the collection Voices as One vol. 2 . (Preparation/Communion)

You are My King (Amazing Love) by Billy James Foote (worshiptogether.com) found in the collection Voices as One vol. 2 and VOICES. “Amazing love, how can it be that you, my King, would die for me?”  (Preparation / Second Communion)  listen