Hey everyone, if you’re like me you are always trying to find new options for some of those beautiful liturgical moments, and The Washing of Feet is one that deserves some thought.  I would like to share two possible options with you:

1. First, the song ‘What I Have Done for You’ by John Angotti and Fr. Jim Marchionda. – This piece works beautifully at that moment in the Holy Thursday Liturgy– the music has just the right tone and the text is perfect!  The verses can be led by a soloist or soloists; the assembly and choir can enter on the Refrain.  The violin adds another layer of beauty to the arrangement. Take a listen and look at the sample pages of the score.  I’ve used it myself several times.

What I Have Done for You by John Angotti and James V. Marchionda from the CD We Gather in Love: Copyright © 2013, World Library Publications. listen


2. Here’s another option, new last year.  Alan Hommerding wrote the text and I added the music. Again, I wanted something that would ‘set the tone’ for this moment in the Holy Thursday Liturgy.  It starts with a piano and violin introduction, playing a theme that is only used in the beginning and at the end of the piece.  The verse and refrain follow, and can be repeated as needed.  This particular recording is from last year’s Holy Thursday Mass at Saint Ann’s.  You can listen here and download the music.

SHEET MUSIC – In Remembrance KBD

In Remembrance (by Ed Bolduc and Alan Hommerding, incorporating “Sacrament of Service”): Text © 1996, World Library Publications. Music © Ed Bolduc. Used by permission.

(In Remembrance is awaiting publication, so, if you like using it, please consider purchasing the octavo when it becomes available with additional verses, SATB, cello, and violin. Also, if you have an annual reprint license, please be sure to report the text usage to World Library Publications or onelicense.net, depending on which license you have.  It is entitled, “The Sacrament of Service” by Alan J. Hommerding, © 1996, World Library Publications.)