Hello everyone,

I’ve been working on some string parts for Mass of Saint Ann. Here is a link to the parts for Violin, Viola, and Cello.  Please feel free to download them and use them, or try them out.  Your feedback is welcomed.

MOSA Full Strings

Also, since most of us don’t often have the opportunity to play with real strings, I’ve also created a keyboard reduction for each of the parts.  Some are for one hand, while some require two.  Use a synth with some nice string patches and see how it goes.  (Volume control is pretty important.)

MOSA KBD Strings

There are two mp3 demos for each as well.  One is of the string parts laid on top of the existing recording so you can hear how everything sounds together.  The other is just of the string parts alone.

Demo mp3’s

So, lemme know what you think!  Perhaps you can use these for Easter.  Enjoy!