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The Top 10 Attributes of GIA’s Hymnals and Missals

As long as I can remember, whenever I entered a worship space I found a book of some sort in the pew. Whether paperback or hardbound, there was always a hymnal or missal available to assist the assembly in their full, active, and conscious participation. Personally, I found that using this resource always made me feel included in the Liturgy.

At GIA, we believe that a quality hymnal or missal is vital to drawing the members of your congregation into a deeper prayer experience. In this blog, we want to share what a GIA hymnal or missal could look like in your church setting, and we want to share the features within each of these worship resources.

Below is our “Top 10” list of attributes that make a GIA hymnal or missal the perfect choice for your community.


Our hymnals and missals have content and design that is made to last. Our library includes classic hymns and songs you grew up to love and cherish.


We use high quality paper that allows you to read the music and prayers clearly and can withstand many years of handling.


GIA’s hymnal and missal resources vary in size, structure, and content. Our vast selection allows you to customize your worship resources to suit the needs of your community.


Superior design, organization, and layout make our hymnals and missals easy to follow and accessible for everyone.


Each GIA hymnal and missal features an extensive selection of hymns, songs, psalms, and service music. They contain music representing a wide range of denominations, cultures, and languages. We also offer a variety of specialty hymnals and missals, like Lead Me, Guide Me, which features African American church music; ¡Celebremos!/Let Us Celebrate!, a bilingual, Latino/Anglo hymnal and missal; and Sound the Bamboo, a hymnal filled with indigenous Asian hymns from over 20 countries, to name just a few.


Every GIA hymnal and missal is exquisitely bound and constructed from the finest materials available, based on the product’s usage (subscription-based vs. long-term).

Our hardbound hymnals offer long-lasting durability, elegance, and refinement while our subscription-based hymnals and missals are manufactured with a heavy laminated cardstock, which will preserve your books for the duration of each season. All of our subscription-based hymnals and missals come in a matte finish, are recyclable, and environmentally friendly.

To further protect your missals, we also sell vinyl covers at an additional cost.


The hymns, songs, psalms, and ritual music included in our hymnals and missals are selected from an extensive library. This impressive catalog includes the music of critically acclaimed composers, arrangers, and publishers representing a variety of styles, genres, and cultures from around the globe.


From funerals to weddings to Sundays and everything in-between, you can count on our worship resources to provide the right music for every ritual moment.


Reasonable pricing and flexible financing have always been a hallmark of GIA’s mission. We want to ensure that every community can afford to have a GIA hymnal and/or missal in their pews.


Our resources are suitable for any community including, but not limited to nursing homes, retirement homes, prisons, hospitals, seminaries, churches, chapels, religious schools, small Christian community groups, RCIA programs, and more.

Any questions? We are here to partner with you in your search for the most suitable worship resource for your community. Contact us at any time at [email protected] or call 708-552-9815 or 708-552-9850 to speak with one of our sales team members.

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