Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Year B / Sunday, October 17, 2021

This Sunday’s Readings: 

Isaiah 53:10–11

Psalm 33:4–5, 18–19, 20, 22 (22)

Hebrews 4:14–16

Mark 10:35–45 or 10:42–45

ON THE WAY TO JERUSALEM, between two healings of blind men (in chapters 8 and 10), Mark repeats this pattern three times: Jesus reveals his destiny; the disciples misunderstand what that means; Jesus reorients them to the Gospel. Soon they will arrive in Jerusalem where there is no turning back from the cross.

The Sunday lectionary omits the third revelation occurring just before today’s scene with James and John. Jesus has just told the Twelve that in Jerusalem he will be handed over to the authorities and killed, but after three days he will rise (10:33–34). Right then, James and John ask for places of honor in Jesus’s glory. Given the omitted lectionary passage, it’s hard to tell what the brothers thought they were asking for.

On the cusp of our own no-turning-back moments, none of us really understands what we are asking for. We learn what it means to be parents not through books or classes but by going through the day-by-day epiphanies, missteps, and do-overs. We grasp the true meaning of marriage only after many years of better and worse. Baptism is not the end but the beginning of an ever-deeper immersion into Christ’s death and resurrection.

We understand the paschal mystery in which we participate only by handing ourselves over to it and submitting our entire life to serve as Jesus served.

–Diana Macalintal

Suggested Music

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Choral Suggestions:

I’m Willing, Lord

Arr. Kenneth Louis

G-6130 · SATB, piano

Be Thou My Vision

Arr. Brian Schmidt

G-6984 · TTBB

Be Thou My Vision

Arr. Charles Thatcher

G-10033 · SATB, organ, flute

May the Work I’ve Done Speak for Me

Arr. Colin Lett

G-6417 · SATB


“When I’ve done the best I can and my friends don’t understand, may the serv’ce I give speak for me.”

It’s hard, even as an adult, to follow the path you know is right, especially when others who are important to you think what you are doing is silly or doesn’t matter or doesn’t make sense. But are popularity and acceptance ultimately important? We all stumble, we all fall, we all are misunderstood at times, but this truth remains: God calls each of us to do our best according to his will and his word, and when we do, the work we’ve done speaks louder than any voices that say otherwise.

–Jennifer Odegard

Be Thou My Vision

Arr. James Biery

G-8813 · Two-part mixed voices, organ, violin, cello

More choral suggestions for the Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time…


Be Thou My Vision  Arr. Rory Cooney  Two-part mixed, piano, guitar, opt. piccolo, string quartet  G-3973

Be Thou My Vision  Bernard Sexton  SATB, children’s choir, piano G-6813

Dos Cantos para las Procesiones / Two Processional Songs Pedro Rubalcava  Two- or three-part choir, cantor, descant, assembly, opt. keyboard, opt. guitar  012531

El Señor Es Compasivo: Salmo 103(102) (bilingual) Peter M. Kolar  Unison choir, descants, cantor, assembly, keyboard, guitar, flute  012670

Gathered in Your Name  Mikey Needleman  Three-pt choir, cantor, assembly, keyboard, guitar 008042

Grace and Guide Our Days  Alan J. Hommerding  SATB, cantor, assembly, keyboard, opt. 2 C instruments, B-flat instrument, & handbells 009414

If a Single Grain of Wheat Should Fall  Ken Macek  SATB, cantor, assembly, keyboard, guitar, oboe, or C instrument 008074

Mercy  Lorraine Hess SSA, assembly, keyboard, guitar, flute 008075

Path of Mercy  John T. Kyler & Karen Schneider Kirner  Two-part mixed choir, assembly, keyboard, guitar, flute, opt. 2 violins & cello 007303

Servants of God  Michael Perza  SATB, cantor, assembly, keyboard, guitar, C instrument 008769