Mass of Saint Ann Cover
We don’t always have to play everything the way it is written down or recorded.  That’s one version!  For example, here’s the way the Glory to God from Mass of Saint Ann is recorded:

It starts our big and full, 3 parts vocals, trumpet, drums, bass, guitars…everything.  That is one way to do it.


But here’s another way that allows you to build a little more:


Notice how it started with just piano and then vocals…in unison.  Everything came in gradually toward the end of the first Refrain.  Finally, the whole band was in in measure 11, not measure 1.

Here’s how it could be noted in the score:

MOSA Glory to God excerpt

I think you will find that this will keep your music fresh and, well, unpredictable in a way. In a good way. It’s a nice change of pace from hearing the same arrangement over and over again.