Hey everyone.  Thought I’d share a little sample from two of our Masses this past weekend. What you will hear is the Alleluia played by one ensemble at a Mass, and the same Alleluia played by another ensemble at a different Mass.  The drummers at each of these Masses play the Gospel Acclamation with pretty much the same feel, but they each come in at different times (and bass guitar follows).  Each has a different effect.

Here is the score:
Alleluia / Gospel Acclamation

1. Here’s the first ‘live recorded’ version from our 8:30 am Mass. The bass and drummer come in right at the top, just like in the Glory to God and Amen from Mass of Saint Ann. (This is a different, newer Alleluia.)
Alleluia / Gospel Acclamation – 8:30 Mass

2. Here’s the second one, from our 6:00 pm Mass.  Notice in this version, the piano and guitar set the song in motion first…voices leading the way.  Then, on the higher, more elongated ‘Alleluia’ part, both the bass and drums come in.  Everything backs down for the verse, then back up for the Refrain.
Alleluia / Gospel Acclamation – 6:00 Mass

Both work just fine, in my opinion, but they can help us start thinking about arranging songs in different ways for different effects.

One other note on this arrangement: notice the ‘hole’ in the sound, right at the end of the verse just before it goes back into the ‘Alleluia.’  We sing, “all things in heaven and on earth are yours” and then there is a rest on beats 4–6.  I just think it’s a nice effect and allows everything to breathe, while setting up the next big ‘Alleluia.’  (Again, this is similar to the rests in the last Refrain of Mass of Saint Ann‘s Glory to God, right after the first “Glory!”)