World Library Podcast Episode 4: An American Icon in the Vault—How WLP did an album with Bing Crosby

This is a special episode of the World Libary Podcast. We answer the question: How did WLP do an album with Bing Crosby?  To help answer that question I talk to Betty Zins (Organist on the Bing Crosby Album and long-time editor at WLSM/WLP) and Marlene Averbeck (Member of the Bonaventure Choir and featured soloist on track 3 “The First Nowell”).

Here are some of the artifacts from our research.

The original 1957 Cover. Has a label of WLSM5 which means it was the 5th album for World Library of Sacred Music.

An article from the Catholic Newspaper from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

The original Ad for the Bing Crosby record in 1957.











The tape that Bing mailed to WLSM in 1956. We still have it and it still plays like it was recorded yesterday! It has just Bing’s narration which was added to the new release as a bonus track.

This was found inside the tape box, an order for the initial 1000 copies of the album signed by Omer Westendorf.

From the Cincinnati Enquirer 1957. The article suggests that Omer and Bing met, but they didn’t.












The 2017 re-issue. It’s an official Bing Crosby release with the backing of Bing Crosby Enterprises. Available on CD and limited edition LP exclusively through WLP.




The review of the album that appeared in the Fall BING Magazine.

You can order this on CD ($10.00) or LP ($25.00) plus shipping and applicable taxes at:

 Bing Crosby CD at WLP Bing Crosby LP at WLP  Bing Crosby CD and LP at ($3.99 shipping)

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