5 Michael Kemp Books 4 Summer Study

Igniting Choral Rehearsals

with Efficiency, Artistry, and Motivation

by Michael Kemp


Rejuvenating Senior Voices

Enhancing the Sound and Confidence of Mature Choirs

by Michael Kemp


Innovative Warm-ups for the Volunteer Choir

Creative Concepts to Improve Chroal Sound

by Michael Kemp


The Choral Challenge

Practical Paths to Solving Problems

by Michael Kemp



Audio Divina

Praying with Music— Download our FREE GUIDE to Audio Divina As we anxiously await the full reopening of our churches when all can gather (and sing!), you may be looking for a new way to keep our sacred seasons at home. As a source of prayerful inspiration, we offer...

Making Great Music with Limited Forces

This article first appeared in the Spring 2021 issue of GIA Quarterly magazine.  Author’s Note: Publication production schedules being what they are, I’m writing this article as we sail into the 12th week of state-imposed quarantine in response to the COVID-19...

Starting a Book Club with GIA

Learn How to Start a GIA Book Club with Your Group! Looking for a way to keep your choir engaged? Looking for an opportunity to host virtual or in-person faith group gatherings? Looking for formation ideas for your staff, club, NPM/AGO chapter, or another group?...

Virtual Choral Rehearsal Webinar with James Jordan

Building Choral Sound, Vocal Technique, and Music Literacy through Virtual Rehearsal Join panelists James Jordan, Sean McCarther, Corey Everly, Jason Vodicka, and more as they share virtual rehearsal techniques used at Westminster Choir College. Learn the process,...