In this week’s “Highlights from Unbound” Adam speaks with text writer Carl P. Daw, Jr., and composer Bex Gaunt, about pieces the have written during the Covid-19 pandemic. Both selections are included in “We Will Meet Again,” a collection of ten songs written in the past year.

You can view a series of videos from various composers and musicians, all singing “You Are Not Alone” by Bex Gaunt and Adam M.L. Tice on GIA’s Facebook page.

For specific resources referenced in this video, please see the links below. Visit GIA’s Unbound project for more hymns, texts, and resources. 

We Will Meet Again: Songs Written in the Midst of the Pandemic

various authors and composers

The ten selections in this collection were composed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Familiar GIA writers and composers like John Bell, David Bjorlin, Delores Dufner, Jacque Jones, Adam M. L. Tice, and Sally Ann Morris, are joined by artists who have more recently joined our catalog–Mark Miller, Chris Shelton, and Bex Gaunt. We are also grateful to present a new text by Carl P. Daw, Jr., the first of many to appear on Unbound by arrangement with Hope Publishing. The songs range from lament to hope, reflecting the loneliness and grief that have pervaded the months of isolation. Several reflect on the loss of in-person congregational singing. They represent styles appropriate to a wide variety of congregations, and are also available for individual download at the links below.