Choral Music Suggestions for Epiphany

A Selection of Choral Music Suggestions 

from the GIA and WLP Catalogs


A Stable Lamp Is Lighted – By David Hurd. Text by Richard Wilbur. SATB; Piano;Piano and Organ; Flute; Organ; Violin; Viola; Cello; Bass . (G-4121)

What Child Is This – GREENSLEEVES – Text by William C. Dix. arr. Robert J. Batastini. SAB; Assembly; Keyboard; Flute; Guitar. (G-5364)

In His Presence – By Lorraine Hess. SAB; solo; Keyboard. (007895)

Under the Stars, One Holy Night – By Ephrem Feeley. Text by Anna S. Driscol. SAB; Assembly; Piano; C Instrument. (G-9647)

Good People All, This Christmastime – WEXFORD CAROL – arr. Nicholas Palmer. SATB; Piano. (G-9670)

In the Bleak Midwinter – CRANHAM – By Gustav Holst. Text by Christina Rossetti. arr. Robert J. Powell. SAB; Organ; Violin; Cello. (G-9649)

All from Saba Shall Come – By Godfrey Schroth. Two-part equal; Two-part mixed; Organ. (G-9681)

Tres Guajiros – Three Peasants By Crescencio González Puentes. arr. Tony Alonso. Three-part; Cantor; Assembly; Piano; Flute; Guitar. (G-10084)

Angels, from the Realms of Glory – By Bernard Sexton. Text by Shirley Erena Murray. SATB; Piano. (G-10254)

What Child Is This – GREENSLEEVES – Text by William C. Dix. arr. Tony Alonso. SAB; Assembly; Keyboard; C Instrument I; C Instrument II; Guitar. (G-10444)

Carol of the Gifts – LUMEN HILARE – By Gerald Custer. SATB; Organ; . (G-10457)

Away in a Manger – The King of Israel – MUELLER – By James Murray; Rich Grillone. Text by John T McFarland. SATB; Solo; Keyboard; Cello; Guitar (G-10427)

Lullaby, Little One – LULAJZE, JEZUNIULULAJZE, JEZUNIU – Text by Rory Cooney. arr. Rory Cooney. SAB; Piano; Flute; Violin I; Violin II; Viola; Cello; Guitar. (G-8753)

Follow the Star to Bethlehem – By David Music. Text by David W. Music. Unison; Two-part equal; Piano. (G-8176)

The Eastern Sages Saw from Far – BOURBON – Text by Coelius Sedulius. arr. Hal H. Hopson. SATB; Reduction. (G-8537)

Gentle Mary Laid Her Child – TEMPUS ADEST FLORIDUM – Text by Joseph S. Cook. arr. Sondra K. Tucker. Unison; Keyboard; Flute; C Instrument. (G-6515)

Saw You Never, in the Twilight – CHARTRES – Text by Cecil Frances Alexander. arr. Robert J. Powell. SATB; Keyboard. (G-6872)

Our Brother Now by Birth – By L. Randolph Babin. SATB; Keyboard. (G-7269)

Nowell, Nowell – By Liam Lawton. arr. Tony Alonso. Three-part equal; Three-part mixed; Solo; Keyboard; Flute; Cello; Guitar. (G-7620)

God’s Beloved One – By Francis O’Brien. Text by Francis Patrick O’Brien. SAB; Solo; Assembly; Keyboard; Flute; Cello; Horn in F. (G-5911)

The First Nowell – Concertato on THE FIRST NOWELL – arr. Richard Proulx. SAB; Assembly; Organ; Trumpet in B-flat; Trumpet in C . (G-5046)

Is It Far to Bethlem City? – By Giovanni Gastoldi. SSATB; Reduction. (G-2908) 


Integrating Liturgy into the Ministry of Liturgical Musicians

Originally published in the GIA Quarterly, Volume 35, Issue 2   Integrating Liturgy into the Ministry of Liturgical Musicians    Jim Sabak, OFM  MUSIC IS INTEGRAL TO LITURGY. There is no debating this point. From its earliest expressions Christian liturgy...