Turn My Heart

January 2021 Book Club Pick

Turn My Heart
A Sacred Journey from Brokenness to Healing By Susan Briehl and Marty Haugen

This book study is intended for anyone whose ministry includes helping others heal, whether from world events or more personal trials and tragedies. These materials allow ministers to take a personal deep dive into the beautiful and heart-felt texts and music chosen by Susan Briehl and Marty Haugen and discover how this collection can aid their ministry.

The path from brokenness to hope and healing is marked with gifts from our companions and those who have gone before us. Turn My Heart is a collection of such gifts, both ancient and new including psalms of longing and lament, words of comfort and courage, songs of sadness and renewed joy, guides to prayer, and simple prayer services.

Order in January or February and receive 10% off your purchase when you use promo code TURNMYHEART10.  If you are ordering multiple copies, please email [email protected] to receive 10% off your full order of books. 

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