Download a New Hymn for Advent or Christmas

with GIA’s Unbound Collection

GIA’s Unbound makes thousands of individual hymns that were once only available in a collection available at the click of a button! Available only as PDF downloads, these hymns include full accompaniment and are priced at ust $2.50 each.

Find these and many more hymns for Advent and Christmas at

When Hope Is Crushed

(Text by Adam M. L. Tice / Music by Mark Miller)

This Is Our Longest Night

(Text by Mary Louise Bringle /Music by Sally Ann Morris)

Light Is Kindled in the Darkness

(Text by David Bjorlin / Music by Kate Williams)

In the Beginning Was the Word

(Text by Chris Shelton / Music by Ralph Vaughan Williams)

O Joseph, Awaken, Let Go of Your Fear

(Text by Chris Shelton / Music by Bex Gaunt)

Sing Now a Song of a Child Who Was Born

(Text by Mary Louise Bringle / Music by Sally Ann Morris)