Flexible Motets for Your Choir

Nine SA(T)B Miniatures

For Conducting Study, School Choirs, and Church Choirs

These original motets feature fragments of standard Latin text with relatively simple but musically interesting construction, flexible tenor and bass voicing, and optional piano accompaniment—making them well suited for standalone performance in church and school settings as well.

This collection offers motets for SA(T)B voices and is the ideal supplement for advanced choral conducting and rehearsal methods courses. Each brief motet incorporates musical characteristics that require conductors to execute a variety of skills and techniques, including dynamic changes, cues and preparations, tempo changes, legato and staccato patterns, the use of the left hand, and more.

A brief note for conductors precedes each work, and the booklet concludes with a concise but masterful guide to score study as well as an evaluation rubric for student conductors. A beautiful and versatile collection of motets for any context!

Richard Nance brings over forty-five years of teaching experience with public school, church, community, and collegiate choirs to the composition of this collection of motets. He has many years of experience teaching conducting and music methods courses at Paci c Lutheran University, and his choirs have regularly performed at conferences sponsored by ACDA, NAfME, and NCCO. He has also published several choral works and has a featured series with Walton Music.


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