GIA & WLP at NPM 2022 in Louisville!

Join us in Louisville


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GIA is proud to support sessions and events featuring the following artists /presenters at this year’s convention:

Tony Alonso, John Angotti, Meredith Augustin, Kate Basi, Craig Colson, Lorraine Hess, M. Roger Holland II, Keith Kalemba, Peter M. Kolar, Michael Silhavy, and Kate Williams

Sessions include:

Activating the Gifts of the Holy Spirit; Ministering in Espanglish; Spirituals for the Liturgical Year; Higher Praise: Forming Spirit-Filled Contemporary Ensembles; The All-Volunteer Parish and Accountability; What Does Representation Look Like in Our Liturgies and Why Does It Matter?; Dare to Love: How to Move Forward When Our Church Is Divided; Liturgy and New Parish Structures; Are You Grateful? The Power of Gratitude; Shine Like Gold Tested in Fire; Obbligato Instruments in Liturgical Music

Mega Sessions:

We Should Glory in The Cross: Preparing the Bilingual Triduum with Style and Grace (Tony Alonso)


Product Resource Sessions:

Gloriosi: Music of the Paschal Triduum / Música del Triduo Pascual; Voices; Professional Development Resources; Gather—Fourth Edition; Revival I, II, & III;  From Inspiration to Publication

Plus the GIA New Music Showcase

and a Special Concert Event: 

Holy Spirit Ignite Us! with M. Roger Holland II


September 11 – Flood and Promise

September 11, 2022Flood and PromiseYear 1  ( 2022 - 2023 )Text:Genesis 6:5-22; 8:6-12; 9:8-17Summary:Noah builds the ark. In the midst of the flood, Noah sends out the raven and dove.God establishes a covenant with Noah’s family and gives the rainbow as a sign.Call to...

Sing with Understanding—Third Edition Now Available!

A well-known and respected authority on hymnody for more than forty years, Sing with Understanding is now available in its updated third edition. This edition builds on its predecessors’ scholarship, and enhances it with recent developments. New to this edition is a...