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Lectionary Psalms by Michel Guimont

The Abbey Psalms and Canticles

A complete set of responsorial psalms for Sundays, solemnities, and feasts of the Lord throughout the three-year Lectionary cycle.

About the text:

The Abbey Psalms and Canticles find their source in the 1963 English language Grail Translation of the Psalms. The Grail Psalms themselves have their origin in the French Bible de Jerusalem which sought to faithfully capture the text stresses or sprung rhythm, of the original Hebrew. The Grail Psalms underwent minor revisions in the 1980s and 1990s. The release of the document Liturgiam authenticam in 2001 required that the Grail Psalms be revised again for use in Roman Catholic liturgy, this time under the direction of Abbot Gregory Polan and the monks of Conception Abbey. Their careful editing and scholarship produced the Revised Grail Psalms in 2010. However, this translation would undergo further (slight) revisions in 2018 leading to the publication in 2020 of The Abbey Psalms and Canticles

About the music:

Since their publication in 1994, the psalm refrain settings and psalm tones of Canadian composer Michel Guimont have enjoyed wide popularity in North America. These psalm settings have been included as the lectionary psalter in a number of GIA hymnals and have a harmonic freshness and flexibility in performance that makes them a unique and enduring contribution to the Church’s song.