Kickstart your choral program this New Year!

GIA’s Music Education Division is a great place to find professional development materials to build your skills and those of your choir. Discover the perfect resource to kickstart your year today!

Choral Charisma

Singing With Expression

Tom Carter

Unleashing the Potential of the Musician's Body

Timani: Anatomy and Exercises for Healthy Playing and Singing

Tina Margareta Nilssen

Inside the Choral Rehearsal

Method and Rehearsal Guide for “Come, Ye Ladies and Lairds” (Dan Davison)

Jason Vodicka, Amelia Garbisch, James Jordan

A Quick Start Guide to Choral Singing

Matthew Bumbach, Dean Luethi

The 1-3-5 Essential Choral Exercises

The Essentials of the Choral Warm-Up: Science, Method, and Pedagogy

John F. Hudson, James Jordan

In Search of Inspiration

Interviews with Notable Choral Conductors

Gregory Gentry

The Voices I Hear

A Philosophical and Practical Approach to the Choral Art

Will Kesling