New Tunes and Texts for Congregations!


As a leading publisher of congregational songs, GIA is proud to present these four new hymnaries!

Songs of Justice, Peace, and Love:

The Sharon Hymnal

Christopher L. Webber

Song of Justice, Peace, and Love is a collection of over 100 hymns on a variety of topics ranging from the church year through saints and worthies to paraphrases of scripture. Each text is set to music; the tunes range from old familiar to very new. Many hymns could find immediate use by the assembly; others may inspire composers to create music uniquely suited to them. 

Revolution of the Heart

Songs by Mark A. Miller

“Mark Miller, composer, minister, professor, and musical griot, is carrying on the tradition of creating New World hymns for a nation hungry for songs that speak to the head, heart, and crisis of modern living. Professor Miller reminds us, hope will never fail, even when anguish and apathy seem to prevail across the landscape of our country.”

—From the Foreward, Otis Moss III,Trinity United Church of Christ,Chicago, Illinois

Tell the World

Spirituals and Gospel Songs Arranged by Valeria A. Foster

“Ms. Foster’s deep faith and musicology are amplified in one another to a profound degree. Her gifts and skills in performance, choir direction and congregational singing are exceptional. The goal of her work, however, is worship; and the songs in this collection easily invite us there.”

—The Reverend Msgr. Eddie Tolentino, Saint Michael the Archangel Catholic Church, Silver Spring, Maryland

Faithful Echoes

Hymns by Basil Moreau

“Moreau’s hymns are significant for all who believe, like him, that music is where human persons make incarnate through sound their most deeply held affections of the soul. And, should Christ sound profoundly in our music, then we ourselves might become faithful echoes of a life in God.”

—From the introduction by Kevin Grove, CSC