This collection of videos draws from a variety of sources. A series of lectures given by James Jordan are designed to partner with his Evoking Sound text and demonstrate the unique pedagogies he has developed over his thirty years of teaching conducting at Westminster Choir College of Rider University. Other Jordan lectures detail the teaching of patterns in a sequential way that accurately reflects the forward movement of sound in legato and non-legato contexts.

Another series of videos explain the history of Laban Effort Shape and its application to conducting teaching and artistry. In yet another series of videos, two of America’s most respected conductors—Eugene Migliaro Corporon (instrumental) and James Jordan (choral)—enter into a collaboration, using cutting-edge technology to illustrate their teaching principles for learning the basics of conducting technique.

In addition, you can virtually join Meade Andrews, internationally recognized Laban teacher, as she leads students through Laban Movement classes. Hear Gary Graden detail the pedagogy of chant improvisation. Experience Weston Noble and his approach to standing choral singers in ensemble. Join Mark Moliterno, recognized voice teacher and yoga instructor ( for a yoga class that connects the role of breathing to human expression. Bring Simon Carrington into class to explain his approach to music literacy and musical performance. Watch Sabine Horstmann demonstrate the vocal technique sequences she created based on Frauke Haasemann’s legendary teachings regarding vocal technique. Even listen in on a conversation between three of the most influential figures in choral music of the past thirty years—composer Morten Lauridsen and conductors Paul Salamunovich and James Jordan.


James Jordan
Charles Bruffy
Bruce Chamberlain
Vance George
Simon Carrington
Eugene Migliaro Corporon
Sabine Horstmann
Weston Noble
Mark Moliterno
Meade Andrews
Sean McCarther

James Jordan is recognized and praised around the musical world as one of the nation’s pre-eminent conductors, writers, and innovators in choral music. The most published performer/author in the world, he has authored more than 30 books on all aspects of the choral art, and he has been described as a “visionary” by The Choral Journal. His book Evoking Soundwas named as a “must read” on a list of six books by The Choral Journal. At Westminster Choir College, he is Professor and Senior Conductor and conducts the Westminster Schola Cantorum and the Westminster Williamson Voices.