Learn how to make the most of your practice time with these resources!

Practicing with Purpose: An Indispensible Resource to Increase Musical Proficiency

By David Kish

Now’s the time to practice smarter, not harder. It’s time to Practice with Purpose! Practice is everything if you want to improve as a musician. But, what and how do you practice effectively and with efficiency? This book contains 50 easy-to-use strategies scientifically proven and field-tested to improve musical skills. It includes practice plans for every level with examples from the world’s greatest performers. It’s an indispensable resource to immediately increase musical proficiency.

Practicing Music: How the Professionals Do It

By Brian Willson, Morris Lang

Successful professional musicians—instrumentalists and vocalists alike—are always busy. Performing, teaching, family, and professional responsibilities keep them on the go around the clock, yet they still find time to practice so that they can maintain technique, prepare for upcoming performances, and thrive as a musician. In this eye-opening essay collection, world-renowned artists share their insights on practice, from practical tips you can use today to the intangible lessons of living a musical life.

Practicing Successfully: A Masterclass in Musical Art

By Elizabeth A. H. Green

GIA is proud to publish this timeless book Elizabeth Green completed in the last days of her life. This manuscript tragically remained undiscovered for many years.

In Part One, she suggests isolating difficult musical passages so they become instantly manageable using rhythmic motifs, scales, accentuations, and etudes. In Part Two, experts on various instruments discuss recurring problems and how to defeat them. In the concluding Part Three, Green notes the physiological principles pertaining to practice and suggests ways to modify practice sessions to reflect these facts.

She writes, “Ultimate success depends upon one immutable, inescapable, and well-publicized fact: the musician has to practice—successfully or not.”