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A versatile Mass setting for use throughout the liturgical year, Mass of the Sun of Justice / Misa Sol de Justicia is fully bilingual, singable entirely in English or in Spanish, or any pastoral combination of both languages.

At its core, this setting is built on assembly-minded melodies. Much of the choral writing is two-part, albeit spelled out in four voices, whereby the basses frequently double the soprano melody, and the alto and tenor lines essentially share a single harmony in their respective ranges, splitting only at cadence points for a fuller effect. Optional descants and divisi further expand the voicing possibilities. The additional instrumentation is particularly spirited, further enhancing these sung texts for solemn occasions.

With energy, drive, beauty, and reverence, Mass of Saint Catherine of Siena works well within contemporary liturgies and is appropriate for all liturgical seasons. This setting is arranged for SATB voices, piano, and guitar, reaching its fullest potential when percussion and bass are added. The harmonies, arranged by Ed Bolduc, give it fullness, yet the setting is also suitable for cantor and piano alone.

Mass of Saint Catherine of Siena was written in 4/4 time intentionally to provide an alternative to the many settings available in 6/8 and its intros and outros encourage a lovely ebb and flow with the rituals of the liturgy.