For Keyboard and C Instrument(s)

Seasonal Suites, Volume 2: Lent and Holy Week

This volume features two suites for Lent and one suite for Holy Week. The suites utilize the marvelous instrumental descants created by various composers for the One in Faith hymnal, and are designed so that they may be played by one instrument alone with keyboard or by two instruments with keyboard. 

Each suite features three pieces. The first and third are standard/traditional melodies for the season, while the second one is a more contemporary selection, some of which are found both in Voices As One and One in Faith

The suites have also been arranged with some flexibility, so the instrumentalists may conclude at the end of the first piece or the second piece, when time may not permit for the entire suite to be played.

For Sunday or sacramental services, or for special seasonal programs, these suites will be a great addition to your instrumental music library.