Join GIA Editor for Congregational Song Adam M. L. Tice as he explores repertoire from the Unbound project for Pentecost.

For specific resources referenced in this video, please see the links below. Visit GIA’s Unbound project for more hymns, texts, and resources. 

O Holy Spirit, Breath of Life


Text by David Gambrell

Arranged by John L. Bell

O Spirit All-Embracing and Counselor All-Wise


Text by Delores Dufner, OSB

Music by Gustav Holst

Make Spaces for Spirit!


Text by Shirley Erena Murray

Music by Carlton R. Young

Holy Spirit, Bless Us with a Yearning


Text by Adam M.L. Tice

Music by Katie Graber

For Distant Clouds


Text by Martin E. Leckebusch

Music by Benjamin Brody