Join Don Saliers and Emily Saliers in conversation, hosted by Tony Alonso!

Join theologian Don Saliers and his daughter Emily Saliers (of the Grammy Award-winning group Indigo Girls) for a rich conversation about music, imagination, and faith.

Hosted by Tony Alonso, this conversation celebrates the release of Don’s new book, “Themes and Variations,” and is filled with personal stories and thoughtful insights.

For more information about Don’s new book, visit the link below:

Themes and Variations: Music and Imagination

Don Saliers


Originally written as a series of columns for The American Organist magazine, Themes and Variations is a collection of reflections for music-lovers as well as music-makers. 

With each essay, theologian and musician Don Saliers embraces the connection between musical passages and life passages, exploring “the powerful way in which music explores a double journey into the depths of humanity and the mystery of the divine.” 

These seventy-plus reflections, filled with personal stories and thoughtful insights, make an excellent basis for conversations about music in churches, classrooms, or among friends.